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Saturday, August 13, 2011


I spent the best $80+ in my life today! Vocapeople live in Singapore!

The show starts around 7pm so we went for our dinner at TampinesOne Bakerzin.

Pipimon and his horrible seafood pasta.

I finally tried the Braised Pork Rice!

It was always out of stock at Vivocity when I am there for dinner several times last time.. Finally tried it today and was quite disappointed cos it's was too sweet! The mushroom soup was fantastic cos it's piping hot!

There's also a free flow Artisan bread counter which we ignored cos we were in a hurry to finish our food before taking a train down to Max Pavilion beside Singapore Expo.

Anyway the service sucks. The waitress seems oblivious to the customer's waving. they seem unpleased to come and take our orders and looked like we owe them a living. Fuck them! No matter how much a restaurant spends on renovation, top chefs.. without a group of good waitresses, it's bound to fail cos people just won't go back!

Ok. moving on..


They were good at forbidding people from taking pictures of videos so only one part of the act was on Youtube. The rest of the show were great and very interactive! Thank god we bought the best tickets and chose the middle block instead of the side block. The side block had front row seats but Brendan suggested middle block even though it's the 5th row from the front.. Luckily we did that cos the two big screen on the side of the stage (where the side row is facing) were turned off during the show! So despite paying the same price as us, they had to strain their necks to see what's on the stage!

You can see that the chairs were a bit dodgy.. but it's ok cos the performance was great!

Brendan is happy too. Haha!

I am so glad we made the effort to buy tickets to catch the show cos it's really fantastic!! I hope they come to Singapore again cos I will definitely go watch them again!

It's just sad that the place was not sold out cos not a lot of Singaporeans know about them, preferring to go chase after kpop popsters instead..

Too bad if you didn't catch them Live! But you can go Youtube and have a glimpse at their awesomeness! :D

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