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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bye Bye Boon Keng!

I was given until 31 March 2012 to move out but I appealed and asked for an extension till 03 April 2012 because it's so hard to find a mover on Sunday and I had to work on Sundays - though I did not go to work for the most part of the week I moved as I was on extended MC.

Until the last minute I was still packing! The movers were scheduled to come at 2pm and I woke up at 8am and continued packing! I don't know how I amassed so much stuff. In total, I had 23 carton boxes, 2 big luggage and several other misc stuff. That's after throwing away approximately 1/3 of my belongings! 

Each time I move house, I leave behind a part of my life. 

My sister came over around 10am to help me pack and throw stuff.. I was on the verge of giving up and had the intention to burn everything because it's so tiring to pack everything you own into boxes.. She encouraged me and helped me make decisions.. "THROW! KEEP! THROW THROW THROW!".

I have a whiteboard in the kitchen and I didn't want it anymore.. guess what she wrote?

She says she want to make them guilty for chasing me out of the house.. Umm. Don't think they will care.. especially the people who comes and clean the place are mostly Bangladeshi workers.. Hahahaha!

How my bedroom looks like after being cleared off all my stuff.I am leaving the 2 bookshelves, dining table, bed, bedframe and the horrible leaking aircon behind.

How my kitchen looks like..

My living room

I gave the sofa to the mover because my neighbour didn't want it.. He said it's too big for his house.. It's sorta new with new covers so it'll be a waste to throw it away.. My sister is supervising the movers who are carrying my stuff out. That's my wardrobe! Luckily I brought it along cos the one at my new place was falling apart. T_T"

The new place was really dusty and we had to clean it.. My sister was traumatized by the toilet. =.= She volunteered to clean it for me and she spent almost 2 hours scrubbing away. It's her first time doing hard manual labour! Super touched!

My little elf. :)

Joyce came over after her exams and helped me clean my windows! :)

Yaya came over and we chatted for a while before heading to Nex for Sogurt and Sushi Tei! 

The lights weren't working and I had to make do with the standing lamp which is orange bulb and I don't like orange lights.. I prefer white lights.. Brendan came the very next day to help me change my lamps! He climbed up the ladder and changed them and I was so afraid he will fall cos the ceiling is quite high!

Super glad that Brendan & his sister Pamela came and helped me with packing my stuff into boxes a few days before my move cos they got a lot done. Joanna for being my little helper elf and Joyce for helping me clean my super dusty window (thank god she never fall out of the window!).

Glad I have such wonderful people who can help me out! :) Super loved! Thank you to all my darlings for helping me with my move and also settling in. 

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