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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sun with Moon & TCC (30March)

This entry is more than 2 weeks late! Time just flies doesn't it?

We met the girls for dinner & supper at Orchard. We bought our movie tickets for Hunger Games and two of them bought John Carter at the last minute for around the same timing (thank god there were tickets!) for the show. They were irritated with us because we did not tell them of our movie plans after dinner. Heh heh! I THOUGHT I told them! My memory must be damm bad.

Anyway we had dinner at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place! Their Japanese food is better than Ichiban Boshi and Sushi Tei, though prices are a bit higher.

Two of them forever can't pose properly for pictures O_O
My darling! 
Brendan's favourite Black Sesame Icecream T_T"
They ordered the Matcha Cheesecake.. 
The original Tofu Cheesecake is still better! ^_^
Tried the green tea parfait! Nice!
Desserts desserts!!
After our respective movies, we met up again and went to TCC for coffee! 
Yummy mushroom bites!
Yaya is super stoned.. We sat till 4am!!
Le bf & Kitty! 
Chicken Wings!!
We left after 4am plus and I remembered it was raining super heavily!! Brendan sent both of them home before driving me back and he reached home almost 6am cos all 3 of us are living in different parts of Singapore and he is staying in the East side, moreover KPE was closed and he had to go one big big round to go to Yaya's house then to my house. Poor thing. :( I think he was so late that his parents already woke up for their qigong session. OMG.

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