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Monday, April 16, 2012

Naughty Chloe

Chloe has stopped jumping on my bed and peeing in it..! She's been doing it since I moved into the new place and it's ultra irritating! I had to wash my bedsheets every 2 days and change the mattress protector!

Brendan figured out it's because she don't have her own little house to retreat in and asked me to bring down her cage for her to sleep.. and it works!

Now she's sleeping in her house instead of snatching bed space from me and she is peeing in her toilet instead of on my bed! :)

She is settling into the new house and has stopped whining and crying. Well, also because I've allowed her to roam around the house instead of locking her inside the room.

I love my new place. My roommates are very friendly & nice and the place is very quiet! Only problem is there is no doorbell and it's a landed property so when there's deliveries, if the deliveryman don't call me on my mobile, they will think no one is at home even if I am at home. I like to buy stuff online so that sucks. I need to find a solution to that problem soon..

2 days ago I went to hunt for a bedframe with Brendan but we forgot to measure my bed so we don't dare to buy any bedframes yet.. short-listed a few though. He's bringing me back this weekend after bringing a measuring tape to my house and helping me measure the size of my bed. Super sweet of him!

My bed is very weird.. it's bigger than a Queen and smaller than a King. I call it the Super-Queen. The previous tenant left it behind and it's a Sealy mattress, very expensive.. so I threw my own one and used hers instead.

Alright going to sleep now. Good night y'all! :)

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