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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sukiya Marina Square (08April)

Last Sunday I was supposed to continue my Japanese class by joining into my sister's cohort but I decided to give up. I attended 4 lessons and have 5 more but I really don't know what's going on because I have no time to revise and the syllabus was too intensive.

I asked Brendan for "permission" to quit because I know my sister will go to him for support to rally together to stop me from quitting the course. Surprisingly he said yes easily cos he knows I am struggling between my health, moving house and work to fully concentrate on the course. Yes it's $300++, but money can be earned back.

So I told my sister about the decision to quit and she was so upset cos she was looking forward to me meeting her every Sunday for class! She immediately went to Brendan to complain and bug him to stop me from quitting but he stood firm by my side and she was super sad. Heehee! 

I will continue in the near future when I have a more normal work schedule and when I have settled everything else.. But meanwhile, I can rely on my boyfriend and sister to read Japanese signs for me. :)

I waited for Joanna at Mandarin Gallery cos I had an IPL session there at Strip.. Had my macaroons and tea at Antoinette by myself and when Joanna came, she flipped through the menu and decided that nothing suits her taste. Picky girl.. She suggested her favourite restaurant at Marina Square - Sukiya!

We took a bus down.. Wanted to cab there but my sister asked me to "SAVE MONEY!". T_T"

Udon with Sukiyaki is the best. Period.
Chicken Balls with cheese fillings!
Oyster mushroom! Om nom nom!
My sister cracking the eggs!
Dip in raw egg!
I learnt how to eat Sukiyaki in Japan when I was there tourleading.. Initially I was grossed out about dipping meat in raw egg and eating them.. but now I love it! :) It's really niceeee!!

I have this perpetual sleepy look. For the past 5 months. :(

Night shift sucks. Literally. It's sucking the life out of me. My health is suffering, my complexion is YELLOWISH. I mean, not exposed to the sun should make me fairer but I feel that I am becoming yellower. WTS. How can one become yellow? Crazy!! I am not gonna take the night shift for the next 3 months (New shift starts in May) if I can help it.. but it's based on bidding so we'll see how it goes.

I had to work after our late lunch. :( Yea, sucks to be me. I cabbed down to my workplace from Marina Square cos it was quite near by cab but a big roundabout by public transport. Cab fare plus call charges is less than $10.

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