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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lunch @ Pan Pacific Orchard

Le bf's mummy birthday falls on next week 25April (Wed) so she decided to have an early celebration today at Pan Pacific Orchard. 

He came to pick me up from my house and his parents & sisters went separately.. We actually went to the wrong Pan Pacific! We assumed it's the one at Marina and parked at the carpark before his sister called him to ask why he is and tell him it's the Orchard one. Apparently, they also went to the wrong place! OMG! And they found out when they were outside the wrong restaurant at Pan Pacific Marina.. Kua kua kua..... =.=

Luckily we were at the carpark and did not walk over to the hotel yet.. Even though we left the capark earlier, somehow his dad managed to drive to Pan Pacific Orchard and park the car before we arrived! Respect.

Today is the first time I am having a meal with his whole family! ^_^ Previously was with his parents & Cheryl, then a few times with Cheryl & Pamela.. 

Chocolate Fountain
Fondue Condiments
Macaroons! Didn't try it though.. Had a sore throat. :*(
Oysters from 4 different countries.. 
The cheese is super yummy! Love the cranberry one!
Cheese cheese cheese!!
Durian Crepe with icecream
All the different puddings & jellies

Pamela & Cheryl
With everybody! :)

We didn't celebrate with a cake and I did not bring any present for her.. I wanted to buy flowers but le bf say it's alright cos I already ordered cake & flowers for her to be delivered on the actual day itself.. I ordered almost 2 weeks ago. ^_^

Afterwards we went on our separate ways.. I needed to buy a bedframe so we went back to Courts Tampines to hunt for it. This time round, le bf brought a measuring tape and measured my bed before we left the house so we will know the measurements exactly and can make a confirmed purchase instead of guessing..

Before going to Courts, we dropped by le bf's house cos his parents has a spare bedframe in the guest room and want to give it to me if it fits my bed measurements.. He measured it but unfortunately it's 20cm too short on the width. Nua-ed a bit while he reply some emails and he brought me to the police post to change the address on my IC. After staying at my new place for 3 weeks I finally changed the address!

The sky was so beautiful that day! 
I managed to snap a shot at the traffic light junction..  

We went to Courts afterwards and bought the bedframe then went over to IKEA to buy a new quilt because I redeemed the $100 IKEA voucher from my OCBC rewards thinking I could buy my bed there. One thing to note.. IKEA beds are longer than the standard sizes.. so if your bed is a standard Queen or King that you buy outside, their bedframes will not be suitable. They are damn smart. You gotta buy their beds & bedframes together.

My new quilt cover, down feather quilt and a toilet brush! Heh!

I bought the toilet brush because there's leftover value from the voucher. In the end the total bill was $99.90 and I had to forego my 10cents. LOL! I cannot find anything that's 10cents in IKEA!

I couldn't decide on what design to pick for the quilt and he chose it for me.. Shall post a picture of it after I washed it. :)

Pamela said we cannot eat dinner because we ate buffet lunch.. but we went for dinner anyway! Heeheehee!  It was around 9pm++ and I was feeling hungry. Hee!

Nom nom noms!
Le bf says the meatballs shrunk and became flat. =.= 

He also complained that the taste is different.I am not sure cos I seldom eat IKEA meatballs.. I didn't even know you can change the bland boiled potatoes for fries! 

Super fulfilling day today! Lunch with le bf's family, changed IC address, bought bedframe, bought quilt! Woohooo! Happy happy me!


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice pics! What camera are u using?

- pinky

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