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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sukiya at Marina Square

Had a craving for hot soupy food so I asked Brendan to bring me to Marina Square for lunch at Sukiya. :)

Free flow meat..
This time I took beef cos my sister can't eat beef and I didn't wanna mix it in the soup. Out of the 3 meats, beef is the yummiest, followed by pork then chicken.
They changed the pot! 
I whatsapped my sister a photo of it and she said "It's the same what!". 
She is super unobservant. Tsk.
Time to eat!!
There's ice cream during dinner time!
I am not sure what flavour the icecream is.. it's purplish so I assume it's yam? But it's not nice.. Had to drown it in chocolate sauce to disguise the weird taste.

The food is good for the price we pay. Avoid peak hours during dinner (between 6.30pm to 8pm) cos the queues are crazy! We went around 4.30pm so there wasn't any queue but it's already dinner charge which is more expensive than lunch. Best time to go is during lunch hours after the 12pm-1pm timing.

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