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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long MC + Shifted House!

I was on medical leave from last Wednesday till yesterday! Madness huh?

Previously I blogged that I was sick. The doctor wanted to give me 4days MC but I only took 2days as I am working in the night shift and there is no one to cover my 9pm-6am shift.

I waited for one week to see if the symptoms are getting better but it actually got worse.. so I went to Tan Tock Seng hospital on 28th March and was nearly admitted. Thank god they did not have enough beds and my case is not life & death.. because I don't really fancy staying in a hospital.

They referred me to KK Hospital for a another round of checkup.. bloodtest, urine test and more..Also, I need to go back a few weeks later for a ultrasound and some blood tests and what-nots.

Don't really wanna elaborate much on my illness but it's nothing life threatening.. Just that it's quite an annoying thing and if left unchecked may lead to something more serious...

I am OK now.. Just hope that everything will be fine when I receive the results from KK Hospital after the 2nd checkup.

Also, I have moved house from Boon Keng to Serangoon!

I rented a master bedroom in a landed property near Nex Mall. I moved yesterday and it's a MAD circus leading up to the move..!

Stupid movers cancelled my appointment at the last minute -- gonna blog about it to warn others..

Anyway the replacement movers were OK but they stole my remaining bubblewrap! I was so angry! I only realized after Brendan came over to my new place and asked me about it.. Stupid bastards! GAH!

Brendan and his sister came over to help me pack on Saturday. My sister came over yesterday morning to help me do some last minute packing. I threw away at least 10 carton boxes full of items yet in the end I have around 22 carton boxes + 2 luggage to bring over to the new place!

My sister helped me cleaned the toilet, Joyce came over and helped me clean my windows! So sweet of them.. I haven't unpacked fully yet because I had to work today and there's just too many things to do.

I tried to apply for leave to move house but was rejected 5 times.. In the end I still missed work due to my MC. Kua kua kua right?

Chloe is having separation anxiety and everytime I leave her alone in the room she will howl and cry. Sigh. When I am in the room she will stick to me like my shadow and even insists in sitting in the corner of my toilet and guarding over me while I bath! I don't sleep with her in the previous house, but in my new place, she insisted in sleeping beside me on the bed with her head tucked in beside my head.. If I put her down on the floor, she will sleep right beside my bed near my head. Super glue to the max! Brendan told me she needs time to adjust and she will get over it soon.. but I am afraid of her disturbing my other housemates with her crying...

Anyway, I will post the Penang trip entry soon! It's 1 month late.. but better late than nothing right? Hahaha!

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