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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sophie's 1st Month + Anniversary Dinner

Received an invite from Joanne last month for her baby's 1st month party.

Brendan accompanied me there.. when he drove into the carpark, he realized that Joanne is living next to his best friend Jeraldine! So we dropped by her place for a while first. Jeraldine's house is super chio! It's like a showroom flat.. Totally unlike a HDB unit. Her walk-in closet is like LV's boutique! OMG. Max love. She is also expecting a child and it's a girl! She asked Brendan to be the god-father so he's gonna have a god-daughter soon. :)

We walked over to Joanne's house and it's packed! Lots of people!!! They catered a buffet and placed it outside the lift landing. The first thing I did was zoom in straight to see the baby! 

Le bf carrying the baby like an expert..
Brendan, Me & Baby Sophie!
She is sooo soft! Actually I have some experience with babies because I have two younger siblings with a bigger age gap from me. I used to feed my brother with milk because my mum was too lazy to get up from the bed to feed him. I was 7 years old and I had to climb up the kitchen counter, scoop the milk powder into the bottle, put in hot water and shake, test it on my hand for the heat, feed my brother and burp him afterwards. I even had to change his diapers! My mother can win the Laziest Mother Award already.

We gave Joanne an angbao because I don't really fancy vouchers. They have expiry dates and usually when you have the damn vouchers, there's nothing to buy. Cash is still the best. :)

Actually I like babies.. when they are not bawling their eyes out. I am scared of their crying because you never know why they are crying.. Are they in pain? Are they being annoying? Are they hungry? Are they tired? OMG. 

Motherhood is stressful. Pregnancy is stressful. I don't know how will I cope if I have my own children in future.. I still feel like a child myself!!! O_O

Happy family! 

Sat awhile and chatted with Wany (Joanne is Wany's ex colleague. That's how I got to know her). Brendan drove Wany and dropped off at her uncle's place and afterwards we went to IKEA to hunt for my bedframe!

I need a bedframe cos currently my bed is placed on the floor as there's no bedframe and Chloe likes to jump on top and pee on it. She is toilet trained so I believe she is doing it on purpose to make me angry cos I am locking her in the room when I am not at home. She still haven't settled down fully yet and is whining and crying when I am not at home. When I am at home, she shadows my every move and even insist in sitting in the bathroom and watching me bath. Crazy dog. Clingy to the max. Brendan says she will get over it soon as she needs time to adjust to a new environment.. IT'S BEEN ALMOST 2 WEEKS! HOW LONG SHE NEEDS!? Haiyo.

Happyboy83 enjoying his IKEA hotdog set

We couldn't find a suitable one cos the beds at IKEA is apparently longer than the ones sold outside so there'll be a gap if I use their bedframes. 

And silly us, we did not measure the bed before embarking on the hunt.. The bed is a Sealy bed and it's a weird shape cos it's square. It's bigger than a Queen-size but smaller than a King-size. 

We walked over to Courts because there's a Sealy showcase there but the bedframes are selling for SGD800 and above and I refuse to pay so much for a stupid bedframe! My budget is below SGD500! The one we saw at IKEA was for SGD349 and I have a SGD100 voucher.. but it's not suitable. Sad max.

So we decided to give up and measure the stupid bed before trying again next weekend. 

Afterwards we decided to go to town cos le bf wanted to buy me a new game for my Nintendo 3DS. Both of us both the 3DS at the same time last September and he has started playing and even completed quite a number of games. Mine is still brand new in the box.. and it's sitting somewhere in his room. Heh.

Actually most of my valuable items are in his house because he didn't really trust the movers enough. -- Good reason because they stole my whole roll of bubble wrap! Stupid bastards. If they can steal my bubble wrap they can steal anything!!! Grrrr.

My foreign currencies, electronic items (PSP, 3DS, DSLR, etc), alcohol collection and even my passport is with him! T_T" Now I cannot leave the country without him knowing.. Heh.

He parked at Shaw Centre and we walked over to Far East Shopping Centre to pick up the game which he ordered online (as a precaution in case it's sold out) earlier today.

I made him pose. Hee.

I love him for being so game for pictures! Everytime I ask him to "Smile!" he will really smile for me and not complain that I am irritating and like to take pictures.    

My new game! Pokemon Rumble Blast!

He has downloaded quite a number of DS games for me, but the 3DS only can play original games cos there's no hack for it yet, that's why he's been buying the original games to play.. He's dying for the hack to come out so he can finally download games instead. 

Oh! He has already prepared a number of games for me for our UK Trip! Super sweet of him cos the flight journey is quite long and he's afraid that I'll be bored (maybe scared I'll be irritable & grouchy?) onboard so he went to download DS, PSP games and also some e-books for me to read. Super sweet can?  I didn't even have to request him to do it.. he just does it and I only know about it when he told me he has downloaded Pokemon Black & White (with cheatcodes! YAY!) and asked me what kind of other games I like and gave me the link to go and choose... Which until now I did not choose because I am a big procrastinator sometimes and there's THOUSANDS of games! I am so stressed lah! Just leave all the decisions to him instead and my life will be stress-free. 

Afterwards I went to Thomas Sabo to ask if my broken charm has been fixed and returned from Germany but they have not shipped it back yet. So I left my bracelet there for them to clean and we went to Sony Centre cos Brendan wanted to go and previously few weeks back, Isetan had a D&D and we couldn't go in.
He fiddled with the techie stuff a bit and played some rounds on this old school looking console thingy.
Street Fighter! Why they look so different now.. Revamped version?
Notice the silly green dinosaur in the middle of the screen?
It's wearing boxing gloves & bobbing up and down like mad. Funny!

Afterwards we went back to Thomas Sabo to collect my bracelet and I am proud to say this... The lady said she only need to use the cleaning cloth cos I "take care of the bracelet very well and it's very clean"!! *Ah hemm* Ms Chan Wan Wen!! *Ah hem*

The other day I suggested having fast-food for dinner and Brendan gave me the O_O face. He thought I only eat at restaurants.. I don't know what gave him that idea since last time before we got together we do go to Carl's Juniors & Macdonalds! We still do, actually... when we can't decide on what to eat. Well, I told him I can eat "cheap" food but it must be nice! I always tabao from the Boon Keng market and it's a hawker centre! It's not about the price.. it's about the quality and taste of the food. But then again, we always go to restaurants and have nice food because I only eat ONE meal a day now due to my work schedule and sleeping hours.. So that one meal to me is very important and I want to eat in a nicer place.

Anyway, since today happened to be our 3rd month anniversary, I told him I don't wanna eat fast-food. I want something nice and somewhere nice. We decided on Sun with Moon at Wheelock's Place cos I had a $20 voucher when I signed up for the membership card.

We got a nice corner seat! :)
5 kinds of sashimi for 2 persons..
But this is all for le bf cos I don't eat raw fish..
Look at all the wasabi in his dish!! O_O
Had a craving for Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki!
It's Brendan's 1st time having Sukiyaki! O_O
Le bf with his set-set thingy
I warned him about the dollop of wasabi before he mixed everything.
Thank god cos he did not noticed it! T_T"
He can take spicy food, but not sooo much wasabi!
What's cooking?
Yummy Pork Belly Rice
My favourite tofu cheesecake!
His favourite Sesame icecream

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