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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am attached! ❤

If you are a regular follower of mine on Twitter, you would have known that I am attached to Brendan now. :)

I guess it's not much of a surprise, considering that he keep appearing in my blog entries for the past few months. There's even a few comments asking if I am together with him.. Some I deleted, some I ignored. Heh.

Well, I wasn't ready to announce it to the world yet, but now I am.

He needed some time on his own but he is also ready to let everyone know.. Well, actually both of us have been "ready" for some time but I am just too lazy to come to my blog to write a proper entry about it. Hee!

We have not changed our relationship status in Facebook because we agreed that it is kinda silly to let a status in Facebook dictate our "status", if you know what I mean.

We've met our parents on both sides.. So far it's been quite positive.. and thankfully I get along with his sisters and he gets along with my sister. Actually, my sister adores him so there's no issue there.

I've never been in a relationship where the other person knows everything about me before we start the relationship.

Usually it's like: Jump in relationship>Find out more about each other>Realize character incompatibility >Unhappy and emo shit>Messy breakup

But the two of us know each other for 5 years since our SIM school days.. We've been hanging out only since 2010 after I bought my iPhone and going out for dinners almost every week or at least twice a month, just chatting and updating each other about our lives. I guess in a way my iPhone made our friendship stronger.. because I am a techie idiot and needed lots of advice from him.

I was a bit apprehensive about getting into a relationship with him at first because I have no secrets from him! I am my real self when I'm with him! I am vulgar! I don't behave like a typical feminine girl! OMG!

After seeing him with his friends and his family, I noticed that he behaves differently when he's with me compared to when he's with the others but he has not changed much even though we moved from friend status into a relationship status. That's when I realized he has also been his real self when he's with me all along though he is sweeter and more romantic to me now, which comes as a surprise because he had very little experience in relationships and he's so techie!! So I thought he's not capable of being romantic. Pleasant surprise cos he's the sweetest, most caring and romantic guy I've ever been with. :) Lesson learnt: Never assume!

We talked and discussed a lot about being in a relationship before deciding to be together. The way we discussed it was actually quite business-like.. Weighing the pros and cons because we did not want to destroy our friendship by starting a relationship and then realizing it's not workable and losing each other as a friend.

In fact, we are opposites. People say "opposites attract", but that may not be a good thing as character incompatibility will lead to lots of arguments and problems. But it's very different for the two of us. My shortcomings are his strong points, vice versa. He is a thinker, I am a do-er, etc. He is a very calm and stable person while I am exact opposite. Initially I thought our personalities will clash, cos it's different being just friends compared to being in a relationship. Instead we complement each other perfectly. :)

I am calmer and more grounded because of him. I still get frustrated sometimes when things don't go my way or when things don't happen as fast as I want them to.. but I am slowly learning to be more patient and to think more before speaking or doing something.

I feel that he's the same, though he said he see some changes in himself after being together with me. Good changes.. but I shall not elaborate cos it's his side of the story to tell.

Just like in the past, I am still counting on him to give me good advice. Just that now his status has been elevated because I am relying on him on more important and personal decisions than before. I am very indecisive and it's great having someone I can trust to make decisions for me without dictating my life (big difference there). I like asking him "A or B ah?".. And he'll reply me "A" and give me a logical explanation why it's "A" when I ask for the reason.. instead of giving me stupid comments like "Why you cannot decide?" or "A means A lah! Ask me to decide then ask so much for what?".

The main and most important thing is we communicate with each other very well. We talk about everything and anything and if there's something we need to discuss we will do it instead of having those pointless cold wars like I had with Pipimon cos he always liked to assume things and accused me of things I did not do or say. Brendan doesn't take offense to my straight-talking. In fact, he actually prefers me not beating round the bush. He tells me things in logical well-thought sentences without being judgmental or emotional about it.

Some may say it's a "honeymoon phase" for us, but for the past few months of being together, we don't have a single argument or fight. There's not a single incident that actually feels like it's leading to an argument. It's not that he gives in to me or I gives in to him and we cover up the matter by sweeping it under the rug. It's all about communication and I enjoy finally being in a relationship where I can be myself and have honest talks with my boyfriend without it turning into a shouting match or cold war.

We actually talked about us being very mild and boring cos we are not having fights like most couples (and also based on my own past experiences). However we agreed there's nothing to fight over because we communicate very well. Key to a successful relationship boils down to communication. Coming from a past relationship where I have frequent cold wars and shouting matches with my boyfriend, it's a refreshing and welcome change. But then again, we are wondering if one day we do fight over something, what would it be and how bad it will be.. Lol!

Actually our "love story" is quite a long one and involving a lot of his supporters whom are all my friends. A group of my friends actually formed a gang called "BC Gang" aka Brendan Chew Gang. The ringleader is Welly who actively tried to convert new members into his gang.

I'll blog about the whole timeline in future. It's quite a long one. :)

Last July I blogged about never going to meet the "one" in my life. Maybe somehow God heard my prayer and granted me my wish.

Words cannot express how happy I am with Brendan.. The feeling is like drifting out at sea for a long long time and weathering through so many storms that you feel like giving up and just sink and die but then suddenly you find a harbour that can shelter you and keep you safe.. That kind of summarizes how I feel.

Surprisingly everyone on both sides approves of our relationship and is very happy for us.

Well, we don't know what the future holds.. And I don't want to jinx anything yet, but I know in my heart that I have finally found my soulmate. ❤

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