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Friday, April 20, 2012

Housewarming + XY's Birthday Party

XY's birthday is in less than 2 weeks but we are celebrating today due to my work schedule.. I have to work consecutively from 22nd April to 03rd May with only 1 OFF day in between so we decided to hold the birthday party together with my housewarming party.

It's a last minute event cos we only decided on the date on Monday, which is 4 days prior to the party.. Most of the guests were able to turn up. :)

Nathaniel bought egg tarts!
Soooo many!! Wow!!
Having a quick bite before the guests arrives. ^_^
In the kitchen! I can be good house wifey. Haha! Not really.
Me, Jace (XY) & Wany!
Cheesy mushroom cups!
Chloe overwhelmed by the attention showered by my guests! 
My trusty kitchen helper
Yaya cooking Liang Teh for us cos both of us are sick. Awwww.
Photobombed by Yaya! Haha!
Starting the fire!
Chef of the day: Nathaniel!
Brendan, Sze Yuen & my sister in the garden
Nomming at the make-shift dining table. Heh!
Birthday cake sponsored by Yaya! :)
Preparing the cake in the kitchen
 "Happy Birthday to you!" 
Group Picture!
Birthday girl getting the biggest slice of the cake!
My favourite chore! Cut cake! YAY!
Don't ask me why we are pointing at his butt. I dunno! Haha!
Unglam slipper! T_T"
Watching a video on YouTube.. "Ken Leeeeee"
Picture with the super hardworking chef! Thanks Nat! Love you!
Blurry pic of my sister, le bf and me! Look at my sis's expression! LOL!
Yaya giving XY her birthday card and present (enroute)
I got a card too! Super sweet of them!
Yaya chose the monkey card cos of JohnMat. Long story. Hai.
Sweet messages from everyone.
Le bf's message just melts my heart. Awww..
House warming gift! So sweet right! 
Yummy candy from Yaya! :)
Eu Yan Sang Loquat drink from Wany! :)

The last guests left at 1.30am! Really early cos usually the midnight gang will stay till 6am or later.. Hahaha! Some of them had exams, some had to work the next day so we disbanded early. I heard a few comments that my new place resemble a chalet.. come to think of it.. it does! LOL!

Alrighty, gonna go sleep now. Good night!

*I postdate this entry at 11.59pm but it's super late right now.. 4am! Time to sleep!

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