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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perth Cohunu Koala Park [09-Jul-12]

This is Part 2 of my belated Perth trip. Read about Part 1 here.

Tabby recommended us to visit this place because it's the only place that allows people to carry Koalas! It's a 45mins drive  from Tabby's old house (she moved house this year).

There's a larger and more popular park called "Caversham Wildlife Park" where there are shows and more animals, but I've been there before and they don't allow people to carry the koalas.Being able to carry the Koalas was the main draw that's attracting us there. We are not children so we don't need to watch those kiddy shows. Gimme a koala to hug! ^_^

Admission ticket prices:
AUD15 per adult
AUD5 per child (4-14yrs)
Free for children below 4 years old

You have to pay an additional AUD25 per person to carry the koalas for photo-taking. Kinda expensive, but it's worth it! Not every place allows you to carry the koalas, so go for it! :)

We went to the wrong place initially cos they just moved to the new location and it's not updated in the GPS map. T_T" Luckily it's nearby and we managed to detour over.

Entrance of the park.

I only wore a thin jacket and was shivering like crazy because it was so windy! Had to hide behind Le bf whenever an extra strong gush of wind blows by. He warned me to bring along my thicker jacket but stubborn me didn't wanna bring it along and left it back in Singapore. Shivered like crazy through the trip cos it was so windy and cold. 

It's so empty! No crowds to squeeze with! :)

There are free roaming animals around. Yay!

 Koala Exhibit!

All of them are sleeping..

OH.MY.GOD! Why are you all so cute?!?

You have to put on a protective vest because their claws are very long and sharp and they will hook onto the vest for support. The one we carried was around 6kg. After a while my arms were tired cos it's really quite heavy!

We had to entice it with eucalyptus leaves to make it happy. It never stopped chewing. Just chew chew chew chew. Mad cute!

 Le bf hubby loves koalas too! ^_^

 The nice lady helped us take pictures!

Us with the Koala!

Because there were no other people around, we carried the koala for more than 15mins! I actually got tired cos it was quite heavy, and passed it to Le bf and he just hugged and fed it with leaves.. we spammed and took so many pictures! Brendan even took a video of me and the koala but I'm not posting it cos it's me gushing like a crazy woman going "awwww! so cute so cute!".

Hahahaha! The nice lady in charge only carried the koala away when another couple came in to take picture with it. AUD50 well spent! My friends who went to Sydney only got 1 picture with it and carried it for like a 1min and that's all. I am so glad we spent so much time with our koala. :)

 Koala Junction
There's a pen where all the fatties are locked up. 
Special diet. 

 Emo fat pony is so cute!

 Gangster geese!

They walked like they owned the road, squawking at humans to move out of the way! T_T"

 Graceful black swans!

Look where the pelicans are sitting..

 On the train tracks, like a boss. Their eyes are creepy!

 Psychotic Ostrich.. kept wanting to push over the fence. Omg.


 Tame but smelly.. -_-

 "Am I sexy?"

 I love the guinea pig house! It's like the Smurf mushrooms! 

Overall I had lots of fun! There's not much animals here compared to Caversham Wildlife Park. There's no shows, no entertainment, but the main highlight is definitely the Koala, that's why it's called Cohunu Koala Park!

Hopefully by now they still allow you to hug the Koalas. :)

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