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Monday, November 25, 2013

Miffy x 2% Hong Kong

My sister is a huge Miffy fan so I made it a point to visit every Miffy shop I can when I am overseas. 

I've been to the original Nijntje shop in Amsterdam and spent hours there trying to decide what to bring home for her. I've also been to Tokyo's Harajuku Kiddy Land with Le Hubby where we also bought some Miffy stuff for her.

Unfortunately the one in Hong Kong doesn't have as much stuff as the ones in Tokyo & Amsterdam.. perhaps it's a collaboration and they mainly made clothes & shoes instead of selling the official merchandise. Nevertheless it was fun browsing through the small shop in Harbour City Ocean Terminal.

They do have many Miffy Shoes for sale though. Really cute!

My sister wanted a pair but I didn't buy it for her because her dad went to Hong Kong too and he bought a pair for her.

Miffy on a giraffe

 There are some Miffy plushies for sale, but not that cute.. :(

Lots of cute Miffy clothes!

Unfortunately the clothes are mostly for winter as it's cold in Hong Kong but it's too warm in Singapore to wear them! The salesgirl said they might have new designs coming for the Spring collection but it's only going to be released next year... #MadSad

I really loved this Miffy dress but the material was too thick and it's kinda suicidal to wear it in our hot and humid country. I don't want to buy it and keep it in the cupboard until I go to another country during wintertime... So I took a pic instead! Haha!

Harbour City (Ocean Terminal) Level 3
Shop number: LCX20
Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200hrs

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