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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland

Finally the 4 of us can go on a holiday together! We've been talking about it for ages and it's finally materialized!

Wany & I went before but we went along because the guys have not visited it before. It is also Nathaniel's first Disneyland visit ever! Yay! :)

We arrived really early because we flew on Scoot. There were practically no one there except for the employees who were heading to work. I mean seriously who will be there at 7am in the morning if you are not there to work right? Hahahahaha!

Group shot (camera balanced on my luggage)

We managed to get a really nice shot without anyone photobombing us! It's really not easy because usually there are tourists everywhere trying to get a picture with the sign and you can't get a nice picture without being photobombed.

 Jump shot!

Afterwards we headed to Disneyland Hotel by taking the shuttle bus.

 Went to the garden for a morning walk before our breakfast!

Character breakfast at Disneyland Hotel's Enchanted Garden. 

The Disney characters will come over to take pictures with you, but we feel kinda neglected cos they give a lot of attention to the young children and kinda ignored us.. so discriminating please! We paid more than children and we are young at heart! If not why would we have paid so much for substandard breakfast food? We wanna take pictures with the mascots!

Even Mickey can't save the low standard of the food here.

Afterwards we deposited our luggage at the Concierge desk and headed over to Disneyland!

It's so fun to visit Disneyland with friends! 
Happiest place on Earth! YAY!

Relaxing one corner with our ice lemon tea. LOL!

Wany spotted churros!

Happy hubby with his churro!

Nat waned to buy this silly hat but I convinced him to take a pic instead. LOL!

Really tempted to buy Duffy home but I resisted the urge. I've resisted buying Duffy for so many times (twice in Tokyo, once in Paris and once in Anaheim) so this is the 5th time I am saying NO. #strongwillpower

We left before the fireworks because we took the overnight flight on Scoot here and we were so tired out by the time the sun sets. All of us are not as young and energetic as we used to be! #oldandweak

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