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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lunch @ Rider's Cafe

We went to Rider's Cafe for lunch today.. this place is always fully booked especially during weekend brunch. Make your reservations at least 2 weeks early if you want to dine here.

The food was alright and the service was so-so. I don't really get the fascination with this place nor understand the rave reviews because it has no air-conditioning, there are mosquitoes and the cafe smells like horse dung (it is located beside the horse stables).

Anyways, once is enough and I'm not going back because I don't like to put up with dung smell while I am having my meal (which is not really cheap).

Cafe Latte

Risotto with Scallops (too salty)

Rider's Burger 

The famous "Death by Chocolate" cake

I don't like the cake at all.. The ice cream was not of a good quality kind, the cake was too hard and the sauce was not even warm (it's room temperature)! It was really quite gross to eat a cake that seems to be a few days old smothered in sauce that's neither cold nor hot.. Needless to say I took a bite and ignored the dish totally. We were having lunch with someone else so I was being polite and not sending food back into the kitchen, and Le hubby seldom complains about food (plus he is a chocoholic + doesn't like to waste food), so he finished it.. though he did not really enjoy it.

Well, the food just looks good in pictures but it's are really nothing to shout about. This is one place I won't be going back again. Hope you will have a better experience than me.

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