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Post dated Entry: Margaret River Road Trip [10-11July2012]

This is actually Part 2 of our Perth trip in 2012. See Part 1 here.

It's already 2014 and I've not blogged about a trip that happened 1.5 years ago. I'm such a lazy pig sometimes.

We drove down to Margaret River from Perth city (approximately 3.5hours) and stayed the night there before driving back up the next day. Tabby & Doug needed to work so they couldn't join us. We rented a car from Europcar cos both of them needed their cars to get to work and we didn't want cause them any inconvenience though they offered to lend us one of their car. 

I have such wonderful friends. God bless them.

Our first stop was Candy Cow at Cowaramup, located along the Busselton Highway leading to Margaret River. Some of the candies sold there are from Blackpool in UK! I recognized the logo cos we went there in May 2012. :) We did not buy much, only some homemade fudge because the items were quite expensive. 

Afterwards we continued our drive down and visited a few "farms" that were located just outside the town. 

The famous Margaret River Chocolate factory (overpriced chocolates).

We went to Providore to do some food tasting. They also have free wine tasting.

Visited Chilli Waters Farm but there's nothing much there.

Visited a Silk Farm but it's overpriced cos the items are imported from S.E Asia.

Bought some nuts from the Nuts & Cereals Farm. Lots of free samples!

Last stop was Cape Lavender to buy a pot of Lavender for Tabby! :)

We stayed the night at Darby Park Service apartment which was located in the middle of the town just across the Visitor Centre & supermarket. This is a really lovely place to stay and I highly recommend it if you are going there. Additional plus point is the complimentary secured parking! Le hubby said there's lots of stars at night that can be seen from the veranda (I was too tired to go out and stargaze, moreover it was so cold!).

The next morning we went to Cookies Galore to buy cookies! They sell the best cookies in the world! Like seriously.. I love their Macadamia nut cookies. It's pure butter and it just melts in your mouth. So fattening but worth the extra calories!! Yums!

There's free samples for all the cookies so you can try before buying. We bought 10 packets back! Some we ate on the way, some we gave to Tabby and the rest we brought home. Mama Chew love the cookies so much that Tabby bought more for us the few times she came back to Singapore to visit. (Thanks Tabby!)

Afterwards we have to drive around 1hr downwards to Cape Leeuwin which is located in Augusta. Along the way we did a photostop at Augusta Boat Harbour. It was really windy and extremely cold. Brrrrr...

The winds were so strong that while seated in the car, we can feel the car shake from left to right. Damn scary feeling because the car weighs so much yet it can be shifted when the wind blows! We had to 'fight' against the wind when we were walking in the opposite direction.

From the boat harbour to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is approximately 5mins drive.

We bought tickets to enter the ground around the Lighthouse. We did not buy the one with the guided tour to go up to the Lighthouse so we just took photos around the area.

I don't understand why there was a cow there. LOL!

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia and situated at the point where the Indian & Southern Oceans meet! It is also the most south-westerly point of Australia!

Le hubby can lean backwards and the wind was so strong it can support him!

Interestingly at this point was where he had an epiphany about our relationship. He saw the lighthouse standing so strong against the winds and waves for so many years and decided that he wants our relationship to be as unwavering and solid like the lighthouse.. this was where he had plans to bring our bf/gf status up to husband/wife, though he only told me a few months afterwards. :) The rest, as you can see is history! 

And that is the reason why Cape Leeuwin lighthouse was featured in our church wedding invitation card! :)

On the way back to Perth we saw many rainbows in the skies! I kept spotting them (at least 5 different ones) and yelling "Look look! CARE BEARS!!!" while Le hubby was driving. LOL!

And that concludes our Perth trip in 2012! We hope to be able to go back really soon!! I can't wait to go and see Benji & Coco (Tabby's dogs).

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