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Friday, November 15, 2013

First ever meetup with a blog-reader!

Yesterday I met up with Michelle, whom I know through my blog & instagram account! 

I really don't know how many people actually read what I write on a regular basis cos the main purpose of my blog is to document my life so I can read when I am a old lady.. Well, sometimes when I have the time I will also read my old entries to reminisce about the past.. it's kinda fun (for me anyway).

Michelle posted a picture on her instagram account asking if anyone knew where to buy a specific design of photobooth signs cos she couldn't find it anywhere nor online.. and lo & behold! I have those exact same signs! I bought them online a few months ago and used them during the Bridal Party gathering, and wanted to use it again on our wedding days but unfortunately I was hospitalized the week before the wedding and didn't have time to find the signs cos Nat & Le hubby helped me packed all my stuff into boxes while I was in the hospital since I was to move to his place after the wedding day.

We had dinner at Soup Restaurant in Toa Payoh together with Le hubby. It was nice to meet a like-minded person who is also a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ! :) We chatted for a long time until there were no one else left in the restaurant except us! LOL!

Pray that all things go well for her big day which is happening next month! Really excited for her!!

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