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Friday, November 22, 2013

Lunch at Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong)

How can we not go to the famous Tim Ho Wan for lunch when we are in Hong Kong? Moreover the prices here are much lower than Singapore and we do not have to queue like idiots.

There was a queue, but we only need to wait for around 10-15mins before we were given a table. While waiting, we selected the food we wanted so they can be served when we were seated.

Nat is so excited he was bouncing on his feet. LOL! He is a die hard Dim sum lover + Tim Ho Wan fanboy.

The food items were similar to Singapore with slightly more choices. The prices were much lower and we ordered so much food that there's no space on the table!

Nat and I shared 4 plates of the Osmanthus flower jelly cos it was so yummy & cheap. Heh heh!

 Nat & Wany

Le Hubby & I

This outlet is not located in the shopping mall so the decor was not as atas, but the food was good and that's all that matters.

It is located near Apliu Street where the boys went nuts looking at techie stuff. It's like a daytime Pasar Malam selling electronic items. :)

We had bubbletea! Me love bubbletea!

Afterwards we took the train down to Mongkok Station to go to Langham Place for shopping & food! :)


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