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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pictures of Chloe

It's been a while since I posted Chloe's photos... so here's an update on Chloe!

She's now staying with me at Le hubby's home though sometimes I bring her over to my mum's place cos my Emama (mum's sister) loves Chloe a lot. She also has a Maltese which doesn't play with Chloe cos she likes to bully him & boss him around.. LOL!

"Did you miss me?"

Chloe with her new (& expensive) sleeping pillow

Chloe in pampers

Chloe sitting on my chair

Chloe snuggling with me in bed

Tita clipping a cute clip on for Chloe

Chloe snuggling on my lap

One on each side

Cheryl took this really cute picture of Chloe & Brownie sitting at the dining table while she was having dinner. Both of them don't play with each other cos Brownie gets quite jealous of Chloe, who is a manja queen. Whenever Mama Chew gives Chloe some attention he will get emo and go and lie beside the wall & ignore Mama Chew. We have to give Brownie more attention over Chloe cos he's a old dog and I think he feels insecure that Chloe will replace him. 

Chloe is chill about Brownie, just simply avoiding him totally. She don't boss him around like she does to Yuki (Emama's Maltese). At least she's smart because Brownie will pounce on her and throw a bitch-fit if she steps on his paws.. Haha!

Hope we can train her to stop peeing on the floor mats so I don't need to make her wear mini dog diapers when she leaves our room and roam around the house.

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