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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to make Popiah from scratch

We had a Bridal Party gathering yesterday at our place! We showed the completed wedding video to the bridesmaids and groomsmen before we post them online for everyone else to see.

The bridesmaids came in the afternoon and the groomsmen came in the evening cos most of them are working, by then most of the bridesmaids left except for Nat, Wany and our 3 sisters. We played Just Dance 4 on my Xbox Kinect after dinner and it was SUPER FUN!!! We had so much fun that we only ended after midnight! Hahahahahhaa!

Mama Chew suggested having a Popiah Party since they will all be arriving at different timings.

I helped Tita to prepare for the Popiah Party cos we have to prepare enough for around 20 people and she can't manage by herself as she has to do housework and stuff.. Since I am on a long break from work and is just lazing around, I should make myself useful and learn something new too! :)

Our domestic helper has made popiah a few times before and I didn't think much of it cos it looks quite simple. Just vegetables on the popiah skin with the sauce, some peanuts, etc and wrap it up before we eat it.. Little did I know the effort and time spent on the dish because everything is made from scratch except for the Popiah skin (which we bought from NTUC.. haha!).

Main ingredients

The main ingredients that makes up the "base" of the Popiah are carrots, radish, bamboo shoots, cabbage, leek & long beans.

Kitty with the leeks

Stir fry each vegetables individually

After the tedious process of chopping the vegetables into small strips, heat up a little oil and add some chopped garlic before stir frying each vegetables and keeping it aside once it's cooked.

Mixing all the cooked vegetables

Once all the vegetables are cooked, it's time to mix them all up together. Can't stir it too much or it will become too "mushy" or too broken up.. but have to make sure all the ingredients are equally spread out.

Tau Kwa

Tau Kwa has to be freshly bought and cut into little cube sizes before frying. It's so difficult (for me) cos I am kinda OCD and wanted each squares to be almost the same size and it's quite impossible cos the tau kwa is not exactly in a perfect square.

Tita took out peanuts to fry and I was wondering why she did that until she told me that Mama Chew likes to have freshly grounded peanuts at home instead of buying those ready made ground peanuts.. T_T"

Step 1: Stir-fry the peanuts

Step 2: Drain the excess oil away

Step 3: Remove all the peanut skin (Hardcore tiring)
Step 4: Pound the peanuts

After pounding 2 batches I became tired and used the food processor instead. It's so crazy tiring to use the pounding thing!!! The food processor is much faster and easier!

Dried fish

We had to pound the fish because the food processor will turn it into powder and it won't have the nice consistency that Mama Chew likes.. Tita fried the fish and once it's cooled, she used the pounding thingy to smash it while I prepared the chili. This item is used to scatter on the vegetables before you wrap it up. Somehow it adds in a nice aroma and taste to the popiah.

Making the chili! Garlic, lime, chili & chili padi

End result

Smells super spicy.. but I heard it was "ok" and not that spicy. Well, guess I'm not a chili person.

After the chili I was too tired to continue taking pictures, but we also cooked eggs, chinese sausage, prawns, beansprouts and prepared some other raw vegetables that is used in the popiah during the wrapping.

Really tired out from making the popiah preparations and I think we won't be having popiah again for a loooooong time.

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