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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bible Phrase on our Church invitation cards

Our church wedding invitation card are already ready for printing! We have approved the design and now we are just deciding on what to choose for the insert design & envelope colour.

Luckily I asked Le bf to send a reminder to Mama Chew twice to reconfirm if we can proceed with the printing because previously she has confirmed that she liked the design and we can proceed, but she suddenly asked us "Did you put in a bible phrase?"

Umm.. no?

Hahaha! Apparently it is compulsory (according to Mama Chew) to put in a bible phrase in the invite especially if it is a church wedding. 

We went online and researched phrases that people used for their wedding invites and actually found out that many people misquote the bible! Cos I wanted to cross-check to make sure the quote is accurate and realized that a lot of silly people just google search and use whatever results that appear in the first page of the search results. More and more people copy and the mistake became so common that people think it's true!

See? Doesn't mean Google results are always right cos there are a lot of stupid lazy people in this world.

Anyway, Mama Chew was the one who gave us a list of quotes and we decided on a simple one instead of the usual "Love is patience, love is kind...".

This is what Mama Chew wrote for us, on a piece of scrap paper cos the rest was in the whatsapp message that she sent to Le bf and she wanted to make sure I receive the message.. in black and white. Wahahahaha!

So this phrase will be in our church invite! :)

We will most probably receive the cards by the end of this month or early July. I've already collected most of the addresses on my guestlist! Still have a few more to go and I will do it when I am free.. really busy with work lately. 

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