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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day!

We went out for a lunch last week with the whole family because Papa Chew is busy tonight to have dinner... Also a lot of places will be really packed, so we don't wanna squeeze with the crowd.

I finished work at 6.30am today (officially), left office at 8am and went for breakfast with Le bf before going to church with him. On the way to church, I had this idea to buy Papa Chew a cake for Father's Day cos it's a day to celebrate Fathers!

So I called Goodwood Park Hotel and reserved one of their famous Durian Mousse cake. Wanted to get the Mao Shan Wang icecream but they are sold out and I could only get the D24 Durian icecream.. well, better than nothing!

After church, Le bf drove me to Goodwood Park Hotel to pick up the cake before we headed home to surprise Papa Chew! Just nice he was having lunch with Mama Chew at the dining table and I beamed at him and said "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY UNCLE!" and showed him the cake I bought..

He smiled so widely and was really surprised cos he didn't expect a cake since we celebrated last week (without a cake). I told him that there's no way I will let Father's Day past without him having a cake because it's his day! :D Cut a big slice for him before I went to Le bf's room to bath and sleep (I was working through the night).

When I woke up, there's only 1/2 the cake left! LOL! I didn't tried it yet so I don't know how good it was, but shared a huge slice with Le bf during dinner.. OMG IT IS SO NICE!! I don't eat durian, but I love durian cake (good quality ones where you can taste the durian flesh, and it cannot be too sweet). Go figure.

So after dinner, Pam's friend Claire came over and she also had some of the cake even though she was very full cos it's so good!! We kept a slice for Papa Chew's breakfast! Very successful cos usually there's quite a lot of leftovers for cake. 

I will definitely buy from them again! It's only SGD60.00 for a 1.3kg cake and there's 15% discount for certain credit card.

They are having a Durian Dessert Buffet at SGD33.80++ per person but I don't think I can eat that much, so I rather go and buy the whole cake and eat at my own comfort.

For more information: Durian Fiesta 2013 

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