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Sunday, June 23, 2013

New goldfishes!

After church today, I suddenly had a crazy idea to go and buy goldfishes! Le bf drove me all the way from Tampines to Choa Chu Kang! He is so sweet to indulge me in my crazy whims. LOL!  We actually got lost a bit cos all the information online on the shops that sell goldfishes are bullshit and outdated.. We ended up at the trusty Qian Hu which is kinda expensive but at least they have the goldfishes I want! :)

All these tanks are filled with different types of goldfishes!

Le bf and the fishes I chose!

Le bf actually have names for them. Hahahaha!

I put the fishes in Mama Chew's pond to regulate the temperature before releasing them in. I chose the fastest swimmers because there's a resident kingfisher that likes to prey on the fishes in the pond. It ate so many goldfishes that Mama Chew had to seperate them into a small corner and use a wiremesh to cover over them so they won't get eaten. T_T"

Hope the fishes I bought today survive the attack of the kingfisher!

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