Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shopping for our wedding bands!

Our wedding bands!

A few weeks ago we went shopping for our wedding bands. It's very risky to buy them so close to the wedding day because some designs have to be shipped in from overseas and some doesn't have our size.. but nevertheless, thank God we managed to find the perfect rings we wanted!

As you can see, our wedding bands are from different companies.. we thought it out before deciding on getting both rings from different shops because we couldn't decide on a pair that suits both of us perfectly. Le bf prefers the one at Cartier and I like the one from Tiffany.

Actually I did like one design from Cartier but it costs around $12000 and I think it's crazy to pay so much for a ring.

The $12000 Cartier ring with pink emeralds... so pretty!

Cartier's interlocking design

Then I saw this interlocking ring that looks interesting and is the same design as Le bf's (he chose the classic lock design) but it's also over my expected budget!! :'( Even though he is the one paying for the rings, I don't want him to empty his bank account for it because he already spent a big amount on my diamond engagement ring (despite me telling him not to waste money on it).

Tiffany's Platinum Lucida wedding band

Initially I wanted the Lucida ring from Tiffany but when Le bf tried the men's version on.. it looked really puny because he has large fingers.. So I decided to get it to complement his Cartier's ring which is also the same colour.. however the salesgirl brought out another design which is rose gold + platinum and I was torn between both designs.

Cheryl took this cool photo of Pam and us.. haha!

We asked our party to vote and they were divided half half so I left the decision up to Le bf. The party consisted of Pamela, Cheryl, Joanna & Nathaniel.. the 3 girls were super excited to be shopping for wedding bands with us, especially Pamela. Hahahahahaha!

Looking super stressed out.. Which ring!?!??!

At Cartier's

At Tiffany's

In the end, after a few hours and walking around the shops in Takashimaya (we also went to other brands to compare), Le bf handed over his credit card to seal the deal! In total together with the diamond ring he spent a five figure sum and he said it's the largest amount of money he ever spent in one day (he paid deposit for the diamond ring too). Poor le bf.. wait till he sees the bill for our wedding banquet.. Heh heh!

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