Monday, June 17, 2013

Church Wedding Reception Food-tasting

We went to Silhouette today to try my bridal gown in the morning! They altered it to my size and wanted me to bring along my bridal shoes so they can adjust the hem to the height of my shoes. The gown fits perfectly, but they still have to bring in a bit more at the waist area. I want it super tight! Haha!

Nathaniel came with Ray too! He always accompanies us for my bridal fitting and even our sales assistant Caroline will ask "Where is your best friend?" when she sees me. Hahaha!

Afterwards we headed to Arab Street to buy a bolt of overpriced tulle for our reception decor before heading to Chili Padi HQ for food tasting! We wanted to try out some of their food before deciding on the menu for our church wedding lunch reception.

Chili Padi's main office is called Chili Api and it is located at:
Shimei East Kitchen, 3015 Bedok North Street 5, Tel 6246 0163

We brought along our cheque book! It's our joint account and I feel so happy when I see our names on the cheque. I mean.. if a couple has a joint account, it signify a really stable and serious relationship because it has to do with a very sensitive issue - money! Moreover our cheques don't need two signatures to clear. Anyone of us can sign and withdraw the money. Heh heh! Kept grinning non-stop and flipping through the cheque book and Le bf was grinning at my silliness while he was driving.

The place is quite ulu and it seems most of the catering kitchens are located in that vicinity.

We met up with our sales rep and she brought us to a very nice room for us to taste the food and were very helpful and friendly in explaining the dishes and also the decorations for the wedding.

Look at happy Nat eating all his favourite Peranakan food!

Excited for our big day! :)

We selected the menu and I hope the guests will like it too! I'll most probably be too busy to eat on that day, but I hope everyone else will like what we chose for them! :) Nat said he's gonna spam the Kueh Pie Tee, suit or no suit. Hahahaha!

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