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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday is the busiest day of the week

Every Monday is our designated "Wedding Preparation/Planning Day" because it's my off day. I am off on Sundays/Mondays but I finish work at 6.30am on Sunday morning and after church & cellgroup I have to sleep so that day is basically wasted.

Today is the bridal makeup trial! Very packed day cos we also have to collect our wedding bands (previously sent them for engraving), dinner appointment with friends at Vivocity Jpot and watching Monsters U at night!

We headed down to Silhouette the Atelier where I met my makeup artist for the first time. Her name is also Jasmine! Really funny and nice lady.. She's only doing my makeup for the photoshoot and not the actual day as I already have my own makeup artist for the wedding weekend (Church on Saturday, Banquet on Sunday). 

My sales consultant at Silhouette is so relieved when I told her I don't need a makeup artist on the actual days because it seems that 28 & 29 September are super hot dates and she couldn't find any makeup artist that is free to do my makeup for me. When I told her "I don't need! I have my own on the actual days!", she actually shrieked and said "THANK GOD AH!!!". Wahahahaha!

Afterwards we headed to Takashimaya to collect the rings. Wah lao eh! Carry so many things! Wanna faint liao.. Le bf bought a Bow tie there cos it will look better for the photoshoot compared to a tie.

Then we went to Lucky Plaza to try the famous Jollibee. Honestly I don't like it and it's not very nice.. which my Filipino colleagues think is blasphemy cos Jollibee is their favourite food. Wahahahahha! My sister met us for a while before heading home cos she has a party to go to.

We went down to Vivocity and met up with Caleb & his wife Marianne. They are a really nice & sweet couple who will be moving to Norway permanently and only coming back to Singapore during Chinese New Year. I know Caleb cos he is my Twitter follower (not sure why or when he followed me). We emailed each other a few times and wanted to meet before they fly there together. I've been following his exploits in Norway cos he went there by himself for 1year++ and finally he is reunited with Marianne! So happy for them! Long distance relationship sucks. I was apart from Le bf for 1 week plus and I nearly died of withdrawal. Seriously I don't know how they managed to survive for 1 year++.

After dinner both of us went for a movie! We watched Monsters U and it was good! A lot of people said it's not as good as the first one, but who's comparing? Just watch it with an open mind.

Spot Le bf! Haha!

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