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Monday, June 3, 2013

My little blue box!

We finally bought our wedding bands! Usually this is one of the first thing that couples buy, but we are only buying it 3months++ before the wedding! LOL! All the sales assistant were slightly taken aback (atas shops, have to be composed) when we said our wedding is in September.. 2013. 

Went to lots of shops and I am so grateful that Nathaniel, my sister & Le bf's sisters took the time out to accompany us to shop around for our wedding bands!

Other than my engagement ring, today Le bf spent the most money in a single day for these 2 rings. He was super stressed out and kinda mind fucked cos he never bought something so expensive before in his life... 

Well, there's still the house that we are buying together soon. That will really blow his mind when he sees 6 figure amount. Wahahahahaha!

Le bf's ring is not from Tiffany's, it's from Cartier! I know right? 2 different brands! Shows how different both of us are sometimes.. The ring at I like at Tiffany doesn't suit him and the ring he likes at Cartier doesn't suit me.. There's one ring design in Cartier that's 3 rings in one and that was really nice! Platinum + Gold + Diamond. But.... (there's always a but), the ring was crazy expensive and it's a bit dangerous to wear.. if it's not aligned properly and put on the wrong way, the only way to remove it is to go to the hospital to cut it off. No kidding. Knowing me and my clumsiness.. better not take the risk.

Will blog about our ring hunting adventure soon! :)

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