Saturday, June 22, 2013

Titus 1st Birthday Party

I love birthday parties! I really really love birthday parties! Any party! I love planning parties, attending parties, talking about parties.. anything that is party related. LOVE IT!!!

So we attended Titus 1st birthday celebration! It seems like yesterday that we attended his Full month celebration! Time really flies!!

The party was held in the Kids Corner at The Grassroots Club at Yio Chu Kang! Lots of kiddy stuff around and the wall murals were Care Bears! So colourful and happy!

I used the baby chair's table to eat because I don't want to balance the plate with one hand to eat. I always do funny and silly things like that. I like to cut my food in smaller pieces instead of biting into it. A habit I picked up when I had my braces on.. Heh. When I had my braces, everytime I bite into something like bread or chicken, it will get stuck in the bracket and I will get very irritated.. so from then on I always cut or tear my food into smaller pieces.

The birthday cake!

Photobooth pictures!

We didn't stay for the cake cutting cos we need to rush off for our Vocapeople show. Unfortunately we only know about the birthday party after I purchased the tickets and we cannot amend the date. But I insisted that we go down for Titus's birthday party even if we had to leave in 1hr time cos.. I LOVE PARTIES! Haha! :)

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