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Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY clothes shopping


Wishing all a prosperous new year filled with joy and happiness! 

I am not interested in angbao collecting at all.. Firstly I am an adult now with earning capability.. Ok I am not earning shitloads of money but it's enough. Secondly, I think most people are too stingy with their money but yet act like they are so atas and rich.. Thirdly, I think it is a total waste of my time.

Especially when they give me a measly amount (like $4?) and think they have the right to lord over me with snide remarks like "Why don't you lose weight?" or whatever shit. Hey, $4 doesn't give you the right to be sarcastic and rude to me.. especially since they assume it's CNY and I will be polite and pleasant to their constant ribbing.. Well, fuck it because I am a straight talker who don't take shit from others. 

Well, maybe the reason is because my extended family is kinda shitty.. that's why I never really enjoyed CNY a lot, especially these few years where I am alone and spend the time working or staying at home doing nothing. 

I am actually giving out angbaos to a few of my elders and my 2 cousins & siblings instead though I am not married.. So far I've given/giving out almost 1 month salary worth (gross amount) of angbaos and I think I am a bit crazy, but it's alright. I am feeling quite generous this year and I believe good things will happen. :)

Anyways, so GOOD LUCK to all of you. Hope you receive lots of money! :)

Now that Welly & Santi have both went back to Indonesia.. Brendan has been promoted to my full time food buddy. ^^

It was the day before Chinese New Year eve and HE DID NOT BUY ANY NEW CLOTHES YET! I think his parents will strangle him if he turn up on CNY Day 1 & 2 wearing old clothes (which I think he planned to do before I dragged him shopping).

Men.... tsk.

I don't need new clothes cos I am working on both days (today and tomorrow).. but he needs them cos he is going visiting! Btw, I did buy some new clothes just in case.. and I am gonna wear them later. New clothes new luck! :)

Before I dragged him to hunt for clothes, we went for lunch at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place. :)

Afterwards we went to C.K Tangs and Isetan to buy clothes for him and also a nice dress for Jennifer's daughter (my CTC manager who is now a team leader in my company) as I did not attend the birthday party cos it clashed with my Bangkok trip.

Our shopping haul! :)

Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with a nice coffeebreak at Canele Patisserie at Lido!

I love their Chicken Caesar Salad! I think it's the best one that I've eaten so far and it's not too expensive. I wanna go back and eat it again, and again and again! :)

I can't believe he has never heard or eaten at Sun with Moon or Canele before we went there.. WHATTTT.. I guess he will become more "foodie" after hanging out with me. I need to expand the list of food places we visit cos it's always Soup Restaurant, Carls Juniors, Ichiban Boshi in the past.

Okie.. I need to go and prepare for work now.. Happy CNY y'all!

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