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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jasmine Michelle's Wedding Dinner @ M Hotel

This is super belated.. but here's a short post on Jasmine Michelle's wedding.

It was the night before I flew off to Europe.. I did not want to go at first cos I was emo-ing over Pipimon's death and I felt that it might be unlucky for the bride if I were to go 1 week after his death. However, she did not mind and insisted me in going, so I did and gave both her and her hubby my blessings.

Anyway, she's Yaya's younger cousin and I call her Smallgirl because we have the same name and it's easier to differentiate us.. Moreover she's so petite and also younger than me..

I super love her pouffy princess gown! It's so dreamy and beautiful!

Wayne & Joyce came to pick me up and also sent me back! Thanks guys!

The door gifts

The menu

Wishing them a lifetime of joy and happiness!

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