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Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Eve in Batam

This entry is late because I am really busy with work.. And I just came back from Bangkok yesterday night.. Had a good rest there but back in Singapore I am plagued with nightmares again. Sigh.

Welly & Santi went to Batam after my Christmas Eve Party (oh! I need to blog about that!) to stay for a week before flying back to their different hometowns.

I wanted to go and join them for a few days but unfortunately taking leave is a major pain in the ass because I am working the midnight shift for 4 months till March 2012 and the night team has very limited manpower so we can't take leave as and when we desire. :(

The plan was to go on 30th December and return on 1st January, staying for 2 nights.. But there's the problem of having to find accommodation for Chloe at the last minute (during this peak period somemore!) and I had a braces appointment on 31st December which cannot be rescheduled.. so finally I decided to go on 31st December right after my braces, come back on 1st January and go straight to work (my shift starts at 5pm).

It is a very hectic 1N trip, but it's ultra fun! :)

After my braces appointment, I met Elson at Harborfront MRT. Our ferry was to depart at 2.50pm but we had lots of time to spare so I went to change the timing to 1.30pm departure.. usually we have to pay an admin fee but the nice lady made the change to us for free! :) Yippee! 

In the ferry~

The ferry was playing "Fast Five" and I fell asleep halfway cos it's so hot (also I have become a vampire with my upside down shift).

Santi & Welly met us at the ferry terminal and I was soo happy to see them! Squealing and screaming like mad.. Hahahahaha!

Our first stop was LUNCH!
Usual place, Sederhana! Woohoo!

Elson & Welly
Welly is our appointed treasurer again and he is counting money..

The Guniangs! :)

Welly paying for our lunch~

Can they deliver to Singapore please??

Afterwards we went to the supermarket to hunt for Elson's brother's shampoo. Some baby shampoo which can make the hair grow thicker or something..

I wanted to play with fireworks so I made Welly and Santi go hunt for it with me... Imagine my horror when they are charging 1 arm 1 leg for a small box of fireworks. SGD60 for one box! I only paid SGD5 for one box in Guangzhou! Well, it is in China.. but still! 12times the price!??! It is sheer madness! So I gave up my idea of playing with fireworks and I will let other people buy and I shall see for free. Heh!

After walking around we went for our massage session.. super cheap and good because Welly got member price! :) 
Right after the massage, we went to check-into our hotel! We stayed in iHotel which is one of the better hotels in Batam. :)

Group picture! ^^

Deluxe Room

Giant bathroom!

Zchar dinner time!

Initially I asked Welly to reserve 10 crabs for the 4 of us, but after 6.. I surrendered. Heh!

After our dinner, we went to tabao my Murtabak Manis before heading to karaoke!

Previously the last time we ate this it sucks.. but this time the BOSS is there and he made it himself personally! Boss level Murtabak Manis!

Mad nice! :)

During the whole 3 hours they kept playing long songs and looking at me cheekily. OMG. It's a long story, but basically I was trying to run but Elson was blocking the door and Santi guniang offered no support, saying she is in Welly's gang. T_T"

Ended the fun karaoke session with a super fun song.. Party Rock!

After counting down the New Year at the karaoke, we headed back o the hotel for more celebrations! Welly's belated birthday! :D

I still owe him a birthday present because I have no time to buy one! :(

I told him I owe him first until he comes to Singapore.. He made a few wishes before blowing out the candles. I told him he must be very specific cos previously I made a wish at the same place and it came true BUT there was a catch because I wasn't specific enough. I wished that he will get a job in Singapore -- which he did but... his S-Pass was not approved! Damn. Anyway, one of his wish already came true! He is so happy that he was speechless and breathless when I was on the phone with him. Hahahaha! ^^ So our theory is true! Wishes come true at iHotel Batam! LOL!

The next day we went our separate ways.. Santi went back to her hometown, Welly went back to his and me and Elson came back to Singapore..

It's been 2 weeks since I last saw Santi & Welly and I miss both of them so much! They may be coming back in March or May and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! If you two are reading this entry.. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! COME BACK QUICKLY!!!

That concludes our Batam NYE 1 night trip. :) More to come!


sofia chua - popiah said...

You should try Salero Basamo padang rice :D To us locals, Sederhana is not that tasty.

Jasmine Tay said...

I'll try it soon! =) Thanks for the tip!!