Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cotton Wool

I only use a particular brand of cotton wool from Daiso. Ettusais has something similar but they are selling it at more than 3 times the price of Daiso.. so it makes economical sense to buy from Daiso instead. Problem is, they either always run out of stocks or they don't stock it. Whenever I see it, I will grab 10 boxes at one go because I never know when the next batch will come in..

Sad thing is, for the past few months I can't seem to find this brand in Daiso and I was so desperate when I got to my last 1/2 box in early December, I started panicking and told Wany about my predicament.. She's super nice and sweet to donate 4 boxes to me from her own stash (she likes it too)!

A few days before my Christmas party, she SMSed me to inform me that she found the stocks in Simei's Daiso and she's gonna buy the whole lot! I believe there are over 30 boxes in the store! The salesperson nearly fainted when Wany said she wanted EVERY BOX!

Out of the 30++ boxes, she let me have 20 of the boxes! :)

Carried them all the way to my house for me!! 
Awwww.. My best friend is the best! :)

20 boxes!

This is how it looks like.. The quality is damn good at such low prices. The next time I see it in Daiso, I will wipe out the whole shelf.. 30, 50 even 100 boxes I will buy them all! Bwahahahahahahhaaha!

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