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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Operation "Save Jasmine's iPhone"

I was tweeting the other day and I realized that there's 3 little dots on my screen.. I thought they were dead pixels and was so upset.. 

So when I had the chance to meet Brendan, I showed him my phone but he told me it's not dead pixels!! YAY! 

However.. it's dust! Dust particles! I was wondering how the dust particles could go inside the screen.. and while I was cracking my head open to explain this stupid phenomena, he examined my phone further and showed me a gaping hole near the sleep/wake button!! OMG!

Can you see the hole? I don't know when it happened!

Also, note that the SIM tray has cracked until 90% of it is missing. Sigh.

Upon further examination..he told me that the screen.. one side is dented in, one side is popping out and the antenna is uneven.. OMG! Also.. he figured the battery is pretty much cui (fucked-up) since it depletes so quickly.. Why is he able to diagnose so much problems with my phone in 2 mins while it took me forever to wonder what's wrong with my phone and also not notice the gaping hole? I am super non-observant. :(

After his diagnosis, I was kinda emo-ing for a few days because I really want to keep my 3GS and refused to change to the new 4S. This is my 1st iPhone and it has been with me for over 2 years and it has sentimental value! :( Moreover I don't like to use microSIM..!!

Thank god Brendan had a wonderful solution! He offered to operate on my iPhone and change the battery for me because he happens to have a spare iPhone3GS that belonged to his friend but he gave it to him cos  the motherboard is screwed. He actually dismantled the phone and took pictures and posted on FB. I was like super mindfucked when I saw the pictures. -_- I thought the phone is totally dead, but he told me other parts of the phone is working.


Anyway, he brought his equipment and tools over to my place and thus began the iPhone operation to save my iPhone! :)

My iPhone was still running on OS4.1.2 while most people are running on iOS5 and I kept refusing to switch over because I don't want my phone to have any potential problems.. moreover I have quite a number of games or apps that I downloaded when he jailbreak my phone for me last year..

But I decided to let him go ahead and update and restore the phone.. So now my phone is no longer a jailbreak phone. For now. Heh.

Brendan unscrewing the screws of the spare phone while backing up my phone..

He actually arranged the screws according to position and REMEMBERS where each screw belongs when he assembled the phone back!! I asked him why so troublesome.. and he said not all the screws are the same length and if placed wrongly, the phone may not work. T_T"

First look into the phone after the screen is pulled open..

Note the orange stickers? Those are numbered, so you have to open them according to the numbers.. He pulled open each one and explained to me what each component is.. Speaker, camera, touch sensor.. I think? OMG it was so technical that I kinda blacked out for a while. LOL!!

Dissected into 3 parts. 
Battery, motherboard & screen

The new battery that's about to be transplanted into my phone..

My screen..

Back of the screen..

He said to use my old screen first until it become really cui then he will change it to the newer one. I think he knows I am super chor-lor and the next thing to go might be my screen. =.=

Oh! It's really dusty inside! And the rubber surrounding the screen is like peeling away. OMG. And my SIM tray is totally cui to the maximum until cannot save.

Now my iPhone is as good as new! Yay!

Thank you Brendan! :)

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