Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lunch at Sushi Tei with my sister!

Last friday I went to meet my sister for lunch at Vivocity.. We were supposed to meet at 1pm to go to Soup Restaurant, but I slept at 9am cos I finished work at 6am and I had to do housework and stuff.. so I was late!

I reached Vivocity around 2.10pm and she called me to tell me that Soup Restaurant closes at 2.30pm. Super sad voice cos she really wanted to eat the Samsui Chicken.

Oops. =X Sorry!

So we changed plans and went to Sushi Tei instead... They only either had the bar counter seats (NO!) or the window seats.. I was squinting thru lunch cos it was so sunny and I just woke up... Especially since I seldom see the sun lately.

Me and my sister~

She keeps complaining that the MRT fares are expensive cos she has to pay adult fare now.. So I went to top up $50 in one of my spare EZlink card to give it to her and also gave her $100 as "pocket money". She worked for a month and only earned $360... NOW SHE KNOWS earning money is tough! Tsk. I worked for my own money since I was really young so I am more independent than her. :P

Feeding my sister and making her fat.

Agedashi Tofu! Yums!

Look at the leftover rice.. My sister go and dig out the "liao" and ignore the rice cos we over-order.. OK.. I over-order.. as usual.

Miffy (her mascot) sun-tanning

My sister's iPhone cover.. super cute right!

I am soooo good at this game though it's my 1st time. Hahahaha!

My sister stressing and guessing..

Belated Christmas presents from my sister!

Thank you puichi! :)

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