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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Party!

The moment my Christmas party ended last month, I immediately created a new event for CNY 28-01-12 gathering cos I enjoyed hosting the party so much! :)

Not all of my guests could turn up cos it's CNY after all and they need to go visiting and stuff.. And Santi & Welly are in Indonesia.. *sad* But most of them came and I am really happy! ^^

The timing I put on Facebook was 3pm-3am but as usual, most of my guests love me so much that they will turn up early while I am unprepared T_T"

The night before I had to work till 6am, so I reached home and cleaned the house and cooked my Cheng Ting dessert and it was only about 10.30am before I could go to bed to sleep.. at 1.45pm my first guest called me and tell me she has reached. OMFG. I only had 3hours of sleep and I haven't bath nor prepared the food... 

She loitered around the hawker centre while I cheong bath and prepared the house.. than my sister and Nathaniel arrived around 2.15pm...  So 3 of them sat around while I rushed downstairs to go and collect the Fried Wanton I ordered..

First thing my sister did was to take the icecream..

I bought 6 pints of icecream to serve my guest and left a bit in the coffee pint for her cos it's her favourite flavour. I prefer Macadamia Nut Brittle & Caramel Biscuit. :)

Happy babies! <3

Next, Vivien and Tim arrived and they munched on the wanton and chatted.. All of them are my CTC colleagues and all of them arrived first! Wah!

Yaya came with a giant plastic bag.. and inside is the Yusheng from Yhingthai Palace! Thank you Yaya! :)

Adeline is a surprise guest.. Yaya brought her along and messaged me telling me she has a surprise guest.. The moment I see Adeline I was like "Umm.. We went to the same school right? SP? What's your name ah? Heh!".. Hahahahhahaaha!

I ordered Strawberry & Orange cheesehearts.. total of 5 boxes. :)

I think that's my sister's hand.. -_-


My sister and Chloe!

Sze Yuan helping me to top up my Cheng Ting.. :)
Glad everyone enjoyed it!

Clearing the tables for the Yusheng Lo Hei time!

So pretty!

Sze Yuan arranged the salmon so neatly! Wah!

The biscuits are so different cos it's Thai style!

Everyone gearing up for the Lo Hei while Sze is rearranging the fish? I don't know.. but I love her to bits cos she is so similar to me! Hahahhaa!

I gave a speech to everyone begging them please be gentle and not toss the Yusheng to the ceiling or to the floor because I will have a hard time cleaning.. Hahaha!

Tim is super excited.. T_T"

"Gentle please! Don't so violent ah!!"

End result!

Some of them need to leave soon after.. I went downstairs to buy dinner for everyone cos I am too lazy to cook and I think the Zchar downstairs is much better than my horrible cooking..

Wayne and Chloe!

Joyce and Chloe!

Chloe was smiling when she was taking pictures with them and my sister was jealous cos Chloe was grouchy the whole night.. Actually it's my fault cos I was supposed to give her a bath but I was too tired and Chloe was kinda dirty and since she's such a clean freak, she became really grouchy.. Hahahaha!

Taking Polaroids with everyone!

Ok I forgot what I was saying and I don't remember someone sitting in front of me with my camera. T_T"

 My sister's phone..

TABOO time! I bought this game especially for the party!
My sister helped me choose it.. :)

The most calm person was Wany and the most kancheong person is my sister.. She nearly hyperventilate and die while trying to give clues.. Hahahahaha!

All the food from my friends! :)

Special delivery from Sze Yuan & Hui Xian! 

Yaya told them I like the Strawberry Shortcake from Canele and they RAN there to buy! OMG! Super sweet of them! :) I had this for breakfast the next day.

I can't wait for the next time I can host another party! Maybe Chloe's birthday in March? ^^


sze said...

im featured!!~ jhahha~~
<3 Sze

Jasmine Tay said...

Yea! My secret loyal blog reader.. :)