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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner at Canelé Pâtisserie

Had craving for Chicken Caesar salad from Canele so I bugged Brendan to go with me to satisfy my craving. :)

We went back to the same place at Shaw Lido's outlet cos it's the quietest outlet I've been to so far with little people.. The place was relatively quiet, with only 2 tables filled.. however after we were seated, the place became fully packed in the span of like 15mins? Wah.. O_O

Ice Tea

CAESAR SALAD! Nom nom nom!

Ooh, the Cabonara pasta is damn good. My chilli crab pasta is so so only. I kept stealing his pasta.. In the end I made him change his with mine. Wahahahhahaa!

 I love the orange cake! It's super interesting! But it's limited edition.. :(

He's wearing the new shirt I bought last Saturday from Fred Perry! :) This boy did not plan to shop for CNY clothes and I insisted in bringing him shopping to at least buy something.. Well, black is not really auspicious, but he's not superstitious, so it's fine.

Garrett's Popcorn! :) My fave!

We watched "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" after our dinner. I think the original version should be better cos this Hollywood version is kinda slow-paced and my attention kinda drifted off for a while cos it's quite boring at some parts.. Not much action or geeky stuff.

Brendan was kinda mindfucked by the movie and he went to google to find out more about the plot! T_T" He was kinda confused between the Swedish book "Girl with Dragon Tattoo" with the Japanese book "Yakuza Moon" which he thought was the same title.

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