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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our wedding videographer - Aaron Wende (Aaron Lim)

We received the final edit for our wedding video from our videographer and Le hubby posted it on Youtube! It includes both footage from Day 1 & Day 2 of our wedding weekend on 28th & 29th September 2013.

Our videographer Aaron is really talented and he managed to capture all the important moments of our wedding and highlight them all in a beautifully edited video summary.

I am not sure how he managed to do it because there were so many footage to choose from and digest before editing them into a 12mins44sec video! I couldn't have done that myself.. Well, that's why we hired a professional! Haha!

He gave us all the raw footage from both days which are over 80GB worth! That's a lot of videos and I am glad he took so many so we can look through the videos at our own time because the wedding weekend just flew past so quickly and we couldn't be everywhere to see everything that's happening during the wedding.

Many people ask me "How do you choose your videographer?".

Well, you really have to do your homework. You cannot just choose someone based on reviews you see online, or what is the biggest mistake that most people make.. based on the price.

Expensive doesn't guarantee a good product. Cheap doesn't mean it's lousy. There are many videographers out there so how do you select yours? Do your homework! Watch their works and view their portfolio to understand their style and vision.

I watched hundreds and hundreds of wedding videos before we chose Aaron. Literally hundreds and hundreds.. during my breaktimes at work, when I am travelling in the train, before I sleep, while cooking.. just squeezing in time to see other people's wedding day videos so I can see what are the "style" of the videographer who filmed it and if it's what I wanted for our wedding.

Please don't listen to your friend/relative/neighbour and choose your videographer based on what other people say. You cannot redo the wedding video if it's not done properly. There is no NG scenes and "Take 2" chances.. If your videographer sucks and produce a lousy work.. too bad. Cry & beat your chest for the rest of your life.

Aaron is our cellgroup leader Wei Hao & cellgroup mate Annette's wedding videographer. We first saw his work when they shared their wedding video after their wedding in November last year. After seeing all his work then, I shortlisted him in the top 3 as our videographer, then I showed Le Hubby samples of his work and the two other videographers I shortlisted.. before we both decided on Aaron. Then we met up with him to see if we have the "chemistry" with one another before confirming and booking him for our wedding.

One very important advice is to meet the videographer before you confirm him/her for your wedding.

If you don't feel comfortable with him/her, it is very difficult to trust that he/she can do a good job. You have to leave everything up to your videographer as you will only be seeing the morning highlights during the dinner cos there is no time to see the video (you will be too busy doing other stuff). Though if you are really OCD you can ask him to show it to you before the dinner, but what can you do if you don't like it? There's not much time for him to edit it anyway right?

So....... morale of the story is, do extensive homework before choosing your videographer then trust that he will produce a good job (hey, you chose him/her right?) and let him/her do their job without interfering or controlling them.

Choose wisely so you can relax on the actual days. :)

If you are a bride/groom-to be and is searching for a good videographer, do consider Aaron as he is very meticulous & good at capturing emotions. You can view all his works on his Vimeo account.

My previous roomie happened to be his schoolmate and she sang high praises for him when she saw him at my church wedding. She did not know Aaron was my videographer until the very day and she said we made a good choice + his rates are reasonable for his standard. When we met up with Aaron, he shared with us that my roomie Sharon is a very respected DOP in the industry.. 高手 praising 高手.. Haha!

All of my wedding vendors entries will be labelled under #Wedding Vendors. I will update more on the other vendors soon! :)

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