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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I was hospitalized again (for the 3rd time) on Monday and my doctor extended my hospitalization leave all the way till 1st December! That means I need not go to work for a total of 2.5 months including my wedding & annual leave! 

Wow! That's the longest I've been away from work at any point in my working life.. thank God I am still being paid as I'm covered with up to 60days of hospitalization leave (inclusive of 21days of MC). YAY to labour laws!

Kitty chan!

My complimentary cake offer from Jpot is expiring so I had dinner today with Nathaniel & Wany at TampinesOne Jpot! Also to celebrate Halloween in our own way... by eating instead of partying! Hahahahaha!

I never go clubbing because I don't like to drink and my two best friends don't like to club/drink too. That's why we are best friends! Hahahahaha! Eat and get fat together!

Dinner time!!

 Nathaniel & Me!

Nat looks pale because he still has some makeup on from his Halloween party from work. I am pale because.. of my medication and illness? Le hubby is worried because he said I've always been fair but in the past few weeks I've been really pale & sickly looking, even after some sun exposure in Maldives during our honeymoon last week. Oh wells.

 Wany engulfed in smoke....

Both of them needed to work so they envied me for not having to go to work and being able to stay at home and nua... Well, I envy me too! But the months leading up to me having this break was torturous hell because of the erratic sleeping hours and crazy overnight shifts. I guess this is to "compensate" for all the lack of sleep I had to endure for such a long time.

Ministry of Food

After dinner we went to MOF to have desserts and chit-chat till closing time cos Jpot has this annoying timing restriction of 1.5hours during dinner time even though it's not buffet so they can squeeze in more people and earn more money. 

I brought the cake home to share with the family cos we did not have time to cut the cake and eat it with the stupid time restriction that Jpot has.

So glad I am staying so close to the both of them now after moving in with Le hubby cos we can meet up for dinners anytime! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jasmine

I enjoyed reading ur blog post! Please continue writing more as I found ur live very interesting to read..

Support ur blog always.!

Jasmine Tay said...

Thank you! :) I'll try my best to update more often.