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Sunday, October 25, 2015

2nd Wedding Anniversary Trip!

♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
Happy 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary to us!
✧♡ ♡✧

Actually it's belated already cos our wedding anniversary was on 28 September. Hahahaha! Last year we went back to Grand Hyatt Singapore (our wedding banquet location) for a staycation celebration and I blogged about it here. This year we decided to go for a holiday! We went to Perth from 24 - 29 September 2015.

It felt so good to escape the haze because this year the haze situation is so bad, you can't even see the blue skies anymore. I actually forgot how blue skies look like because for a few weeks, the skies are perpetually grey and there's this horrible chao-ta smell that lingers and refuse to go away. Thanks ah Indonesia. Thanks.

See what I mean? This was taken at Changi Airport before our flight at 12noon. Where is the sun?? Where is the blue skies? It looks like a storm is coming but it is just hazy. 


Selfie time!! ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

We have never flown on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner before and we are very excited! Hahahaha! The Airbus A380 is still the best plane IMHO, but the 787 Dreamliner is very close to the top spot in my list because it is so quiet! The noise cancelling is so awesome that we barely hear the engines at all! An awesome feature of the plane that Le hubby can't get enough of is the tinted windows. At first I saw that the windows don't have window shades and I found it weird... then Le hubby pointed out the button at the bottom and told me to press it.

1. Before pressing the button

2. Few seconds after pressing the button

 3. The final effect!
╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

It really blocks out the sunlight and it's so amazing.. Ok lah.. I suaku ok? Hahahahahaha! We played with it for a while. Luckily the guy sitting at the window seat is patient with us and did not give us dirty looks. Hahahaha!

I love flying Scoot. It's my favourite low cost carrier. Actually it's not really low cost/budget to me. It's more like in between a low cost carrier and a full serviced flight. When they have promotions, the price is really really good. I got our tickets at SGD300 per person for 1 way Economy and 1 way Business (on the way back) plus baggage and seat selection!

There is no in-flight entertainment system so Le hubby loaded our phones with lots of shows and music. Plus selfies to self-entertain ourselves. #actyoungonly

Food is not included and I did not preorder any food cos I thought I won't be hungry... but when they start serving the food I decided that I was hungry (or bored.. or both) so I ordered the Braised Chicken with Rice. It is not nice. :( Overpriced too. Well, it's airline food... what can I expect right?

Arrived in Perth Airport I am so amazed by the ePassport self service option that is offered to selected nationalities (including Singaporeans!). I have not been here for more than a year and there's so many changes to the airport! The last time we visited, they were undergoing massive renovations. They have not completed their renovations yet but there's already so much improvements!

You scan your passport and a ticket is printed out. Hold onto the ticket and head to the machine where your photo will be taken and you will be let through. My tips is to remove your glasses and don't smile too much and don't move too much because apparently reject entry if the photo is not up to it's satisfaction. It's mainly work in progress lah. I was rejected on my first try and asked to go to the normal queue with the immigration officers but the queue was so long so I went back to scan my passport again to get a 2nd ticket (it works!), went back to the camera, took off my glasses and looked sternly at it.. It took my picture and let me through. LOL!

Even though it is a short trip, we brought along our full sized luggage because we are preparing to buy lots of stuff back! Well, there's a lot of things to buy in Perth! There is a box of SupaMop because my manager relocated to Perth and she did not bring her mop along. She said she tried buying similar mops in Perth but they are expensive and doesn't do the job well and when I asked her what she wanted from Singapore she said "PLEASE HELP ME BUY A MOP!". Hahahahaha!

Tabby and Doug came to the airport to pick us up! They are so sweet lah! Always willing to come and pick us up no matter what time we arrive. I remember once our flight arrived at 6am or something and they were already there waiting for us with a big smile and big hugs!

I really miss both of them a lot that's why I try to go back to Perth as often as I can because whenever they come to Singapore they are super busy hanging out with Tabby's family & relatives. Nevertheless, we always try to squeeze time for a coffee or dinner when they are in Singapore unless they are doing a short stopover before they go to Penang where most of her father's relatives are staying. Sometimes we even go over to their place and just chit chat for a while before leaving. 

They brought us to Bistro Guillaume at Crown Perth Hotel. I blogged about Bistro Guillaume when we visited was in December 2013! Time flies!

As usual, Tabby & Doug over ordered! Hahahahaha! I will never ever be hungry when I am around these 2. The dinner was soooo awesome! Super love the french food here cos it tastes authentic, just like what I had in local restaurants in Paris. 

Benji & Coco!
♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

My favourite, absolute favourite part about visiting Tabby & Doug's home is their 2 dogs! They are the most well-trained and sweetest dogs I ever known. Chloe should learn a thing or two from them.

Coco is the sweetest dog and somehow she prefers women to men so she stuck very close with me and eyed Le hubby suspiciously when he tries to pet her even though she has seen him before. She kept avoiding eye contact with him and kept her distance away from him... Poor le hubby. LOL! 

That's the end of Day 1! More entries coming! :)

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