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Monday, October 26, 2015

Mr Munchies Sushi, Perth

Mr Munchies Sushi
4/669 Beaufort Street Mount Lawley 
WA6050, Australia

I can't believe I've never blogged about this place before! I stumbled onto it in 2013 when I was hungry and looking for a place nearby Tabby's house where I can get cheap and yummy Japanese food. I was scrolling through a food app and Mr Munchies was just a short 10-15mins drive away so I jumped into the car, drove here, tried the food and became a super loyal customer.

Well, as loyal as I can be since I don't actually live in Perth. LOL! I will confirm visit this place whenever I am in Perth!

This time we went in the afternoon around 3pm and it was really quiet.. It gets really busy at night during dinner time and they close quite late at 9pm.. which is late for Perth's standard. Haha!

My favourite item on the menu is the DIY sushi salad. Veggie + rice base, then add in toppings, meat and sauce.. Yums! 

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