Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Photoshoot!

On 4th Oct, my sister-in-law Pamela arranged for a photo-shoot for the whole family! She said the last one they did was years and years ago (there's a few canvas frames hanging around the house), so she wants to have another one which will also include me! Heehee!

I did not know that photos were not allowed in the photo studio cos there were no signs around that prohibits pictures. I took a few pictures of the place (wanting to blog about the experience) before the photographer rudely told me off for taking pictures of the studio. Ehh.. he's afraid of people seeing how messy the studio is? (¬_¬) Not like I was taking pictures of people right? It doesn't hurt his bottom-line earnings (they charge by number of photos that you choose). Ahh whatever. 

Anyway there are sample framed pictures on the wall so you can see the size of the photos and also the type of frames available. We had 1 hour to get ready and also take pictures. After the shoot, you can choose the pictures that you want according to the package that you paid for (which costs hundreds). And any extra photos is chargeable at $20 per soft-copy.. and it's not even high resolution! And while choosing the pictures, someone will sit beside you and stare at you while you choose because they seem to be worried that you will steal the pictures or take a photo of it from their lousy cheapo computers. (」゜ロ゜)」Please lor..... as if we will do that.

Overall I found it fun to have a photoshoot with the family but I did not like the photographer cos he was rude and very haolian (proud & pompous). Not that he is a famed photographer to be able to put on airs.. 

You have to wait almost 2 weeks before you can view the edited copies (they will adjust the lighting, photoshop the colours or whatever). Pam just received the soft copies today and sent them over to us via whatsapp to have a look! She will confirm the ones that she want to be printed onto the canvas frame (I think she's ordering 2) and the rest will be given in soft copies (again, not high resolution).

Apparently this company is very popular with corporate clients and have a lot of business. Maybe their other photographers and other outlets is better, cos the one we went to isn't really good (in my honest opinion).

Thank you Pam for arranging and paying for the photo-shoot! Can't wait to see the canvas prints. Hope they turn out nice! Woooohooo!

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