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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Birthday Staycation at Fairmont Singapore

Birthday staycation at Fairmont Singapore! Fairmont is one of my favourite hotels in Singapore because of it's awesome location. It's located above Raffles Shopping Centre which has a lot of food options. City Hall MRT is just steps away and it is super centralized for everyone. Only drawback is the hotel doesn't offer free parking for in house guests. It is cheaper to Uber here and back home for us than to drive and park overnight.

The last time I stayed here was during my Hen's Night and my 26th Birthday! How time flies lah!

I booked the Fairmont Premier Room cos it is the only room category with 2 double beds. Word of advice though, the double beds are not really queen sized... more like in between a super single and a queen bed. So if you are planning to have 2 person share one bed, it will be a little squeezy.

Initially the plan is for Santi & Welly to stay over with us, but they had something on at the last minute so thankfully Nat & Wany decided to stay instead! Yay! :)

Expresso machine and mineral water. I like that they have their own brand of bottled water, unlike W Sentosa Cove which uses Dasani! The rooms at W Sentosa are much more expensive but they cannot afford to provide better drinking water or make their own in-house brand! \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/ Then again, Fairmont is a very popular business hotel cos they have a lot of meeting rooms, so it makes sense to have their own branded water. Brand image and all, and no free advertising for the mineral water companies if the photos are publicized in magazines and newspapers.

The hotel is super generous! There are 7 of us and all of us were really thirsty because somehow the room is very dry and the horrible haze is making our throats itchy. We could have gone down to the supermarket to get big bottles of water but we were happily chatting and were lazy to go down. Hahahaha! So we just called for water every now and then and they delivered them without charging us extra!
( ◜◒◝ )♡
I super love Fairmont Hotel's toiletries. It's the same in every Fairmont property around the world, Le Labo Rose 31. I don't think there's a shop in Singapore selling Le Labo, but I know it doesn't come cheap. Barneys New York is selling a bottle of body lotion 237ml for USD65! So technically my 40ml bottle is worth around USD10.83 (SGD15)! Just a few sets of the toiletries is equal to the price I pay for the room! And yes, this is also one of the reason I like staying in this hotel because I really really love the scent of Rose 31 and the hotel is very generous in giving me free sets of toiletries when I call for them. #AuntyCheapThrill

Unlike the usual room that we always stay in, this room doesn't have a bath tub. But the shower area is huge! Not sure why they don't want to include a bath tub because it can definitely fit in.

There is a small balcony but the view wasn't fantastic cos we were on level 6. The haze also made everything outside have a permanent fuzzy white view so we kept the doors closed and hid inside. Level 6 is where the gym, spa and pool are.. so it's easy access for people who wants to make use of the facilities. 

The room is huge! There is a big empty space where you can add in an additional rollaway bed or baby cot if you are staying with children.

The boys are busy talking about techie stuff and exploring the room for wires and plugs (as usual) and are totally ignoring me. Haha! We were the first to arrive! Nat stays near us, so Pam picked him on the way to the hotel and dropped us off before she went for her yoga. Thanks Pam for saving us a trip on Uber! Heh heh! 

We reached at 12pm and were lucky to score an early check-in cos the room was already ready! Woohooo! The rest arrived shortly (except my sister who can only come in the late afternoon). 6 of us then went to TCC for lunch using my 50% birthday discount before heading back to the hotel to just nua and chit-chat. It's so hard for all of us to meet up together cos Santi & Welly lives in Batam.

Then it's time to open my presents!

Santi & Welly got me a super nice smelling DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume! The last time I used DKNY was their first series (the green one) almost a decade ago! Wah lao eh why time pass so fast one!! I am so out of touch with perfume that I didn't even know they have a new pink colour one! I am still using the perfume that my friends gave me (still got 2 new ones) that's why I don't need to go shopping for one.

It is super risky buying perfume for someone else, but they were spot on because Santi and I have the exact same taste for perfumes! 10/10 times we will agree whether a perfume smells nice! And somehow I think our skin is the same pH because perfume smells the same on us! She's like my perfume soul sister. LOL! 

Wany bought me a Hello Kitty edition of the Scholl Velvet Smooth! She said she saw it in a magazine in Hong Kong and was super happy to see it selling in Singapore so she faster grabbed one for me. I actually have the original design, but it's nice to have two so I can give the other one to Le Hubby! Heh heh heh!

I haven't opened Nat's present yet cos he delivered it to my house last week and it was wrapped so prettily I couldn't bear to open it. I am waiting till my actual birthday before I open it! Heh heh! Thanks Nat! o(^^o)

Thank you all for the presents!

Lazing around while waiting for meimei to come!

After meimei came, we went downstairs to buy food for dinner! Yum yum!

 Group picture!

♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪
Happy (advance) birthday to me!

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