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Friday, October 23, 2015


After my successful fishing trip on Monday, I went back again on Tuesday for another fishing session! We did not take any pictures cos we were late and I only had slightly over 1 hour to concentrate and catch as many as I can with 50 coupons. Le hubby did not want to try cos he said it's a waste of money as I am better at it.. but it's so tiring to try catching for so many times non-stop cos I have to keep my arm really steady and still. Anyway, the music stopped at 8pm and I was left with 2 coupons! Luckily the organizers let me continue cos the rule is that all games stops once the music is stopped. And yes, I managed to catch 2 fishes with those 2 coupons!! Wheee!

Today I went back again with my sister! Which means it is my 4th visit in less than a week! Though my first visit was not to catch goldfishes... so that makes 3 fishing trips! Hahahahahaha!

I am flying off to Perth tomorrow afternoon so there's no chance to go back anymore. The staff keep asking me to go back, especially my number 1 supporter Trina (the postcard girl!).. but I told them it is really my last visit cos I will be away for 2 weeks and by the time I come back will be the last day of the event and I don't want to attend on the last day cos it's a public holiday and it will be super crowded.

Maybe it's a good thing that I will be away for 2 weeks because it is an addiction lah! I will just keep having the urge to go back and catch more goldfish even though I have so many already. Heh heh!

Le hubby drove us there and said he will wait outside cos no point paying the admission ticket to go in again since he already went in 3 times. We reached at around 6.45pm so the place was deserted as usual cos it's a weekday evening and it closes at 8pm. There were only another couple around who were trying their luck at other games. 

My sister went around the whole place taking pictures in epic record time (less than 5mins) while I was buying the game coupons. She said it's super fast cos there's totally no crowds and the staff were all very helpful to help her take pictures. Then we went to catch goldfish!

A lot of the staff recognized me from my previous 2 visits and crowded around the stall to watch. She observed me for a while before trying. I told her my game strategy and pointed out the ones to aim for and she was a very quick learner. I played for 20 rounds before handing the rod to her to try. She caught one on her 2nd try! Very very good! So proud of her! I went to buy more coupons cos I only bought 30 at first. While I was at the cashier, I kept hearing the bell ring! Which means she was on a roll! Combo combo catch! 

Afterwards she told me that while I was buying more game coupons, one of the staff asked if she is my real sister, like blood sisters from the same parents. She said yes and he asked what kind of water did we drink when we were young to make us so good at fishing. LOL!!! What kind of question is that? Hahahahahaha!!

She got tired after a while and asked me to take over. Between the 2 of us, we broke my personal record! Today is the best haul out of my 3 fishing trips. It's good to have a fishing buddy cos it's tiring to hold onto the rod. With a buddy, I can rest and she takes over. When she's tired, I'll take over. No downtime at all! Woohooo!

#success #goldfishftw #taysistersrepresent #brokerecord

Trina was busy doing stock counting for her postcards so she couldn't be there to support us and ring the bell except for a few rounds. Thank you girl for the love! :)

Total number of goldfishes: 46

We caught so much, they had to give us a bigger box this time and bring in extra boxes (see back of the pic) to stock up for tomorrow's crowds. Oops!

Afterwards we met up with Le Hubby who looked surprised when I carried the huge carton box. It was so big I couldn't see in front of me and my sister had to lead the way verbally. He asked how many did we catch and I just asked him to guess.. he couldn't guess and I asked him to carry the box instead and he went "Woah! Confirm break record!" cos it's the heaviest out of the 3 fishing trips.. and he was right!

 Behold! My Goldfish Army!
\\ ٩( ᐛ )و //

Le hubby was bathing and when he came out of the bathroom he got a shock because he said there were so many dolls with their backsides facing him. He didn't realized I have so many cos they were in the carton boxes and the quantity looks much lesser when they are in the boxes.

So yes, that concludes my Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore adventure! I heard that they will be going to Kuala Lumpur in December! I asked Le hubby if I should make a trip down to KL to fish for the goldfishes and he firmly said "NO!". #JustKiddingLah

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