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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore - Gold Fish Saviour

We went back to the Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore event today! 

I wanted to win more of the goldfishes because after I got home on Saturday, I realized that 2 Pom Pom Purins is not enough for me! I want more! I want the whole set of 3 goldfishes! Pom Pom Purin, Melody and Hello Kitty! I should have just spent another $35 for 10 coupons to win a few more... Haiyah sian.

So I was contemplating about going back, but I hesitated because I have to buy the admission ticket to go inside just to play the game and it's not guaranteed that I will win... Haven't go in already spent $100 (for 2 persons). It's almost like going to the casino to gamble you know! Though based on my 2 out of 3 odds last Saturday, chances is quite high I will win something lah... Then again, how many dolls must I win to justify my ticket price! And buying game coupons means I need to spend even more money!!! (つ﹏<。)

I wanted to buy tickets from other people cos I can bargain a bit on the prices.. heh heh! But all the tickets that other people are selling are for 26 Oct onwards! I am flying off this Saturday for 2 weeks and my entire week is quite packed cos it's my birthday week! 

Just now at 4pm I was so busy at work but I kept seeing Hello Kitty fishes swim around in my head.. Knowing that I will regret if I don't go back and try, I whatsapp le hubby to tell him that I decided to either go today or tomorrow after work because I have a good feeling that I will be able to win the Hello Kitty & Melody gold fish. He is super on and said he will pick me up from work and go today cos if I have a good feeling I will win, best is to go right away before it disappears. Hahahahaha!

We reached RWS at 6.30pm and I bought the tickets (S$96.30 for both of us) then we went in and head straight for the Goldfish Game Stall. Since it is no longer early bird tickets, we only had 2 game coupons each instead of 3 and there was no early bird goody pack (super bohua lah... but I want means I want!!!!!) I paid for both tickets even though Le hubby offered to wait outside so I can have another SGD48.15 budget for my game coupons... but he is my fortune cat and lucky charm! Haha! And it's good to have someone there to support me and also stop me from buying too many coupons.

We tried using our 2 game coupons each at first and none of us won anything. Not even close. I blame it on the wind cos it was quite windy today and the hook was less steady than it was on Saturday morning.. however, I am not one to be easily deterred! I spent almost S$100 to get in for goodness sake! I better leave with at least 10 dolls to make my money's worth!!!

So I went to buy coupons! It is S$5 for 1 coupon and S$35 for 10 coupons. I bought 30 coupons at one shot. I figured if I have a 2 in 3 chance of winning, that's 20 dolls.. minus a few for the wind conditions plus to warm up.. confirm can get 10! *I hope*

My first 2 tries taught me about the wind conditions so I used it to my advantage. Instead of swinging it, I hold the rod steady and slowly moved it towards the hook, much slower than I did last Saturday. My next 2 tries were close calls..by my 5th attempt I was on a roll..... 

♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡
I won a few dolls consecutively and each time I win, the staff will cheer and ring the bell. They rang it consecutively such in a short period of time that other staff from the other game stalls came over to have a look. One of them even brought his bell from his stall and ring it for me when I win! So cute lah!!! Hahahahahahaha!

Today is a Monday and it was 1 hour to closing time so the whole place was almost deserted. I think we are the only customers left for the day. If we did not go in, they could have close up early and have an early Monday night off. Not that they mind because I had a whole team of cheerleaders (the staff) cheering for me and encouraging me to win! So nice of them!

However, after I won like 10 dolls, there's this obnoxious and rude guy (supervisor?) that came over to question the girls why I am winning so many dolls. He wanted to check and make sure I am not cheating. Ehh.. hello? I am the only customer there and I am surrounded by cheerleaders your own staff. With so many people watching me and the timer, how could I possibly cheat? He sort of berated the girls for letting me start at my own time and said that I should follow the staff's countdown instructions, instead of me telling them that I am ready. 

Well, I did not do anything different from Saturday. They told me I can start anytime I am ready as long as the fishing hook is out of the 'pond' before the timer and my hands don't extend a certain distance over the counter while I fish. I need time to rest in between the games because I am human lah! Try holding a rod (which is not very light after the 10th try or so) to catch a rotating doll in a spinning board with a small hook!

And I gave the girls all 30 coupons so you can't expect me to go 30 tries continuously without resting right?! Moreover I asked le hubby to keep a lookout and let me know if other people wants to play so I can let them go first and not hog the queue.. though like I said, we are the only ones there so basically I can hog it as long as I want until 8pm provided I buy enough coupons lah..

Anyway, the obnoxious idiot took the remote control over from the girls and said "Let me do it!" and glared at me like I am going to cheat, then he said "Ok start!... wait..... Ok start!.... wait wait... why is this not working! Ok start start!".

At this point in time I refused to start and I just looked at him, raised my eyebrow and asked politely "So should I start or wait?". He finally managed to get the timer working and scrutinized how I play.. well, guess what? That game I won a Melody goldfish! The Melody ones are the most difficult ones because they rotate faster than the rest and somehow the angle of the metal ring makes it more harder to hook. I was so pissed off with that guy for looking down on me that I was filled with righteous anger and managed to hook a Melody goldfish. #Dramaornot

The thing was, I hooked it at the 24th second and the moment I lifted it up he yelled "TIMES UP!", but too bad sucker! 

凸(`0´)凸 I got it up and it's mine!  

After that he handed the remote back to the girls and left. Then later there were more people who came to watch. I did not notice them cos I was focusing on the game, but Le hubby said there were more than 10, close to 20 people just standing and watching me play. 

Well, I thought they were customers cos they were not wearing uniforms, but they are actually the organizers! Even the boss came! Wah so pressure can! He told me that he wanted to see for himself who is the expert winning his goldfishes and he didn't believe until he see for himself how fast I can hook one up. 

Initially I thought he will be like the obnoxious idiot who is buay song about me winning... cos he is the boss mah! People winning means lesser profits! But he was super duper nice about it and he asked the staff to bring out "XO" for me. While he was instructing his staff, I was concentrating on the game so I only heard a bit of what he said.. Le hubby was also wondering why did he asked his staff to bring out XO? To cheers and celebrate my win? O_O

Turns out, XO is short-form for Bad Badz Maru! (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

Super funny lah! He said I was lucky cos the 2nd shipment arrived today and their 1st shipment did not include the Bad Badz Maru. He was going to bring them out tomorrow since they are closing, but he decided to let me try to win some! Wah! He's damn nice lah! The staff put the Bad Badz Maru into the pond and I continued playing. When I hooked my 1st Bad Badz Maru, everyone cheered super loudly! They were actually happy that the goldfishes are being won! (Well, everyone except the obnoxious idiot).

╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑   I just realized that I am officially the first person in the whole of Singapore to own these Bad Badz Maru gold fishes! Woohoo!

By the way, not sure if anyone noticed that there are some dolls which are upside down. Last Saturday, Le hubby speculated that those are the ones that are already won so they have to flip it.. but I didn't think so cos they put back the dolls I won with the face up. Today we found out the reason why! It's because those dolls doesn't have hooks in them! The empty spaces were actually for Bad Badz Maru, but since it did not arrive in time.. they had to fill up the space with other dolls but those did not have hooks in them so they have to invert it. They were very considerate because they put in a plastic to cover the doll's face so they won't be dirty! So... mystery solved!

I had the opportunity to chat with the boss while I was taking a break and letting Le hubby try a few rounds. He asked me if I saw the complaints on FB about the paper figurines and I told him I heard about it, and asked him where the factory is located and when he found out about the defects. He said the factory is in Vietnam and he already paid for them and only received 50% of the goods in the first shipment and the remaining during the 2nd shipment.. When the goods arrived, it's damn jialat and he didn't want to release it to the public. He showed me pictures of it on his phone and they are really damn jialat. It's obvious that there's no QC cos some of the figurines have missing hands, missing ribbons, burnt marks and the head is lop-sided.  He tried contacting the factory but no one is picking up the phones and he intends to sue them. I think he should and I hope he gets his money back plus some compensation for the shit that his company has to face from angry Kitty fans. He also said he tried his best to make amends and replace the item/refund the item and offer his customers a choice on how they want to get their replacement or refund but there are still nasty comments which made him very sad.

Haiyo so poor thing lah.. All of you Kitty fans please don't bombard their FB page anymore ok? The boss is a very nice guy and he didn't have to be friendly to me because I am not media, I am not a famous blogger plus I am winning his goldfishes away.. yet he took the time to chat with me and also brought out his "XO" even though he didn't have to. And all the staff there (except the obnoxious idiot) were very friendly and nice! 

All my goldfishes!!

Honestly I nearly wanted to buy another 30 coupons to have another go.. but it was almost 8pm and I think enough is enough lah. The game coupon seller actually came to me to ask if I wanted to buy more before she do her closing settlement. So cute lah! My right arm was quite sore and my winning streak tapered off towards the end cos my hand were not as steady... so it's good to stop when you are on top. #WordsofWisdom

Cannot be greedy! I just needed one whole set of 3 and I got lucky cos the boss brought out XO and I got a whole set of 4 dolls! Actually I got the whole set, plus more lah.. Heh heh!

Damn funny lah! They even posted my pictures on their FB page! Wahahahahahahaaha! My sister liked it and shared it on her feed. Wah lao so paiseh can! I very shy one!

Someone managed to snap a picture of me catching a Hello Kitty gold fish within 4 seconds! Woohooo!!! Photographic proof of my prowess! LOL! I'm like the #GoldFishMama (you know, Cooking Mama?). But they nicknamed me Gold Fish Savior on the FB page. LOLOLOLOL!

Other than cheering for me, some of the staff were super funny! They were clapping and had their mouths wide open and asking each other "HOW SHE CATCH ONE!!!". One of them told me that he tried to catch for fun without the time limit and he still can't get one.. So he's super impressed and amazed. 

Haiyo, they kept praising me until I so shy! Mai la mai la!

All of them kept asking what is my trick, but after watching me play so many times they concluded that I just have "sibeh steady hands'" (not really lah...) and my eyes are very fast & sharp... Trina (the postcard girl!) asked if I always go fishing.. I replied I don't like to fish but I always accompany my dad when I was a little girl so maybe I learnt it back then?

I forgot who but one guy is super funny and he said he want to paste my photo at the booth. Goldfish champion or something. LOLOL! I think more like 'Do not let this woman play' poster. Hahahahahaha!

Honestly this game relies a lot on skill, that's why I spend all my game coupons here instead of wasting my time elsewhere! The rest of the games are mainly about luck and I am really damn suay one!

There are people who don't believe I won all the dolls, or are worried that I won all the dolls and there's nothing left for them. Don't worry cos the 2nd shipment just came today and they have plenty of prizes.. you just need to buy the coupons to win them! :) And if you don't believe I won all of them, just scroll down the post.

I seldom go on FB, but I am replying to people's comments on their FB page to share about my own experience and also to correct people's misconceptions and misunderstanding of the event... hey! Since I went two times with my own money plus I managed to win 28 + 2 (on Saturday) dolls plus I am not affiliated to anyone connected to the event.. 

You can trust my words lah. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "

In case those angry Kitty fans found my blog somehow and read this entry and think "AIYAH! Confirm fake one lah!".. Well, I don't know the boss (I don't even know his name even after speaking with him!) and I don't know a single staff there, though I think by now all of them will remember me as the Goldfish Saviour. I bought the admission tickets, I paid for the game coupons (60 of them) and I did not receive any unfair advantage, discounts or special treatment. 

If you buy 10 game coupons they will put it in little red packet for you. She told me there's 100 coupons in an entire booklet... I thought of buying the whole book but that's damn hardcore, even for me. So I told her to give me 30 first. When I went back to buy the next 30 coupons, I told her to "keep the red packet...just give me the korpoons", but she insisted in giving me one so now I have 4. Maybe she thinks it will bring me luck? Hahahahaha! Not sure what I can do with them though.. can't reuse for CNY. I think I'll keep the receipts inside. Hahahahahahaha! 

Out of the 60 + 4 coupons I had, I used up 5 for postcards cos I promised Trina I will "support" her postcard stall. Hahahaha! Le hubby tried 6 times, so I had 53 tries to win. 

By the way, they didn't have a bit enough plastic bag so they very kindly gave me a carton box to put everything in! Hahahahahaha!

\\ ٩( ᐛ )و //
15 Hello Kitty
3 Pom Pom Purin
8 Bad Badz Maru "XO"
2 My Melody

I am putting them in the carton box first until I think of a place to put them. Le hubby is so bemused by all the dolls. And I think he is secretly very proud of me. Hahahahahaha! My sister's reaction was priceless when le hubby showed her the picture of us with the dolls. She kept saying "WHAT! WHAT THE... WHAT!! HOWWWW!!". Hahahahah! So funny!  

I won't be going back again cos I really don't have the time.. and spending S$300 today on catching goldfishes... So frivolous. Well, I'll just count it as my birthday gift to myself! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ


delphina said...

wah it's not easy leh! i tried it myself and i only got one! haha. are you intending to sell any? was wondering if i can buy from you. if not it's ok :)

m3lody said...

Hi Jasmine, was trying to search for more information abt the event when i chanced upon your blog. Congrats to winning thr adorable cuties! I'm just wondering if you are willing to sell one of the melody cutie since you have two of them?

RK said...

I'm from Hong Kong. I would like to ask if you are willing to sell one of the Hello Kitty Goldfish to me since one of my friend love Kitty very much, I want it for her present. I will responsible for all shipping fee. You may reach me at email: rouenkun@gmail.com

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

email: rouenkun@gmail.com