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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pet Lovers Cafe, Maylands Perth

Pet Lovers Cafe
195 Guildford Rd, Maylands 
Perth WA 6051, Australia

Tabby & Doug went to Adelaide to visit family, so we were home alone with the doggies for the weekend! 

Tabby told us about their Sunday routine of visiting the Pet Cafe but said that if we have other plans we can leave the dogs at home. We planned to bring the dogs there because we have nothing planned and it will be nice to spend time with the dogs doing their favourite weekend activity. 

Anyone else realize how dogs somehow seem to know the time or day even though they can't read calendars? Because on Sunday morning, both of the dogs were extra excited and kept going to the main door then turning back to look at us, like hinting us that it is time to go out cos it is Sunday! So amazing lah!

Doug drove his car to the airport so we had to use Tabby's car. Thing is, she drives a Nissan Fairlady which is a 2 seater convertible car and we can't put the dogs in the backseat cos there is no backseat! Hahahahaha! I was wondering how to fit the 2 dogs in the car and she messaged me saying that Benji doesn't mind sitting on the floor and I can put Coco on my lap because that's how they travel with the dogs when they use her car..

Le hubby was initially quite skeptical when I told him what Tabby suggested on how we can all fit into the car, but somehow we managed! Yay! Luckily both of them are super well behaved and did not make a big fuss about the squeezy arrangement. 

Even had time for a selfie with Coco-puff!

After driving there did we realize it's very near Mrs S cafe where we had breakfast at a few days ago!

The owners recognized the dogs but didn't recognize us... they kept hovering around and gave us quizzical looks until I said hi and introduced ourselves as Tabby & Doug's friends aka dogsitters. One of the owner told us that he recognized the dogs straightaway and thought we kidnapped them but was unsure about it because both of them are so obedient and listened to us.. Hahahahahaha!

I have never seen Benji & Coco around strangers so I don't really know how they will behave in public. After our visit to the Pet cafe, I realized that they are friendly with other people but are wary of strangers. They will let other people pet them but they will always come back and sit near us and wait for our commands.

Especially Coco. She is quite shy and prefers sticking close to me.

I asked her to go and play but she rather hide under the table beside my feet. Haha!

There was another Japanese spitz there when we visited! Tabby said it is a friend of Benji & Coco and the owner brings him there every Sunday morning so they try to time their visit for the dogs to play together. 
So cute to see 3 fur balls running around!

We bought their favourite treat, white bait (ikan billis) and they went crazy over it! It is actually quite expensive.. around AUD15 for a small bag, but the quality damn good and the dogs love it.. so it's worth it lah.

Tabby said they love the puppy cakes (mini cupcakes for dogs) so I bought 2 for them. Thing is, they won't eat it off the plate. They will only eat if someone breaks the cake into smaller bite sized pieces. Haiyo! Why so spoiled ah! Haha!

Curious dog curious about my furry handphone keychain
( ◜◒◝ )

The humans (us) need food too.. luckily the cafe serves human food! Simple but good enough to satisfy our hunger. I would have prefer Mrs S down the street but they have very limited outdoor seating available and it was Sunday morning so we did not want to risk driving there then finding out we have to wait a long time for a table outside.

All in all, an awesome Sunday spent with Le hubby and the doggies! :)

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