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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth

Caversham Wildlife Park
B/99 Lord Street, Whiteman 
WA6068 Australia

Just look at this picture... The sky is in different gradients of blue! 

The skies in Perth never ceases to amaze me.. It's so much bluer than Singapore! I think there's a perfectly scientific explanation.. but my guess is the further away from the equator you are, the bluer the sky is because the Earth is round.. blah blah.. something to do with the way the sunlight travels through the atmosphere. Also, there's lesser ozone in Australia so maybe there's one of the reason why too. 

Did I mention before that Tabby always reminds me to wear sunglasses and sunblock whenever I visit? She said that there is a high rate of skin cancer and cataract problems because of the UV rays in Australia... So please remember to wear sunglasses and put on sunblock!!

Main entrance to Caversham Wildlife Park!

I visited a few years ago and it was AUD22 per person. Now it's AUD26 per person. Inflation inflation inflation. Haha! It includes all the shows and exhibits so you don't have to pay extra.

Le hubby has never visited this place before so I thought it will be a nice place to spend the afternoon. We went to Cohunu Koala Park in July 2012 which was during our first trip together to Perth and also the first time I met Tabby's then boyfriend - now husband - Doug! OMG TIME FLIES!!!!!

There is an enclosed area where the kangaroos roam freely
There is a "Meet the Wombat & Friends" show at different timings:
11am, 2pm, 3.45pm

You can get up close and personal with many animals. They will let you stroke some of the animals, and even allow you to carry some of them!

After the show we walked around the park and viewed the animals in their exhibit. There were birds, reptiles, etc. Walked over to this sheltered area that has ponies and also rabbits in pens.

Only young children are allowed in the rabbit play pen.

Free ranging chickens..

These chickens look different from the ones I am used to...

This chicken looks like the usual ones I know. 
It is so tame and cooperative, but it don't look too happy about Kitty on it's back.

There was a fenced area where the goats, chickens and turkeys roamed freely.

Most of them are sleeping though..

And they didn't seem to care or mind me putting Kitty-chan on them. 

This baby goat is so cute, it's a crime!

Took us a long time before we could get a photo of one of us with the turkey because it is a very suspicious turkey who refuse to turn it's back against humans. Maybe he is afraid we will pounce on him and eat him. Maybe he is ashamed of his butt (very ugly). Maybe he is just weird.. who knows.. but we got the picture in the end!

These two goats kept following Le hubby around and harassing him for food. He kept telling them "no food!" but they just nudged him with their heads and sniffed his pockets. After a while they got bored and went to harass another guy. He was holding the map of the park and one of the goats actually bite the map and ate it! He looked at us helplessly and said "it's not me! it's the goat!". Wahahahahaha!

"FEED US!!!"

We went for the Farm Show too!

I took a video of Le hubby swinging the can (he was called out by the presenter) but I can't find the video. It's lost in my massive photos folder.. :(

The highlight of our visit is definitely the koalas! Too bad we were only allowed to stroke them on their backs instead of carrying them. They are just so cute!!

There are timed entries, so you have to take note of the timings:
10am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm

If you ask me to choose, I think I will prefer Cohunu Koala Park because we can hug the koalas (for an extra fee)... But Caversham is bigger and it has 2 animal shows plus they have more animals here...  If you really have to choose between the two I will say go for Caversham, especially if you have young children.

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