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Monday, October 26, 2015

Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont Perth

Typika Artisan Roasters
331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010, Australia

During our short trip in Perth, we went to Typika twice! This is my number 1 favourite cafe in Perth. NUMBER ONE!!!!!!! It is a must visit place for me whenever I visit. Our first time was just the two of us, and the second time was with Tabby & Doug before our flight back home to Singapore.

The food is so good, it's unbelievable. I am not a big fan of their drinks, especially the fruit smoothies.. but the kitchen produces exceptionally delicious food. 

First visit just the two of us!
Got a lovely booth seat.

As usual he ordered a burger. No matter where we go, if there's a burger item on the menu he will definately order the burger. I call him #BurgerBoy and he accept that label with pride. 

Overpriced deconstructed hot chocolate.
Milk + Chocolate Sauce + Chocolate shavings

The french toast with bacon & bananas is the best in the whole world!!


Second visit with Tabby & Doug! 
(Yes, Le hubby is wearing the same shirt. -_-)

Since Tabby is ordering my favourite french toast to share, I decided to try something new... I ordered the beef ribs and IT BLEW MY MIND! Omg it is soooo nice that I wanted to order a 2nd serving. I was too full, so I will be back next time!! Super super love this so much! It went straight into my Top 10 favourite food of all time. YUMS!

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