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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bye bye braces!

Today is my final visit to my orthodontist! Super excited cos I can finally remove my braces after 17months! Previously I was told it will take around 12months but somehow it got "extended".. Hmpm.

On the way to the dental clinic, I kept running my tongue over my braces cos I know I'll never ever feel the rough metallic edges again. I am happy to remove them.. but I kinda miss them too because they've been a part of me since September 2010.

Final picture of my braces!

Spot anything in the display cabinet?

I gave this to Dr Choy for Christmas! :) 
I bought the dolls of Amazon.com and bought the display case from Daiso to stick them in. :)

Brendan accompanied me there! :)

He went in with me and he saw how Dr Tang removed the braces.. he said he forgot to take video but I also did not want him to cos it's so unglam lying there with your mouth wide open and filmed in HD. T_T" We both thought she will cut the braces but instead she somehow managed to snap the band away from my teeth and remove it as one whole piece! Amazing..

After 3 rounds of buffing and cleaning, it's time to take photos for their records. Brendan is so evil! He kept laughing when Dr Tang took pictures of my teeth cos I had to prop it with the plastic thingys..!! It looks damn unglam lah and he kept making me laugh! Dr Tang also kept laughing cos both of us were just cracking up in the room.. LOL!

Dr Tang was also able to guess correctly that he has put braces before but she said he's very naughty for not using retainers, and luckily he is not her patient cos she will force him to put. Hahahahhaha!

I feel so naked without my braces. -__-

My teeth are also very shaky because the support is removed. I am told that it will stabilize after a few days and I must wear my retainers to keep them in place. The retainers has a one year guarantee so I can go back anytime for a replacement if I break them (which I know I will cos I am so klutzy!).

 My Braces band! Dr Tang let me keep them as souveniers!

 The 3 round things are the evil hooks around my back teeth. Urgh.
I'm drying and keeping them. :)

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