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Monday, October 14, 2013

My wedding makeup artist - Sam Khor

I received many inquires from friends & readers of my blog asking me about my wedding vendors, so I am going to blog about them so you can know more and contact them if you want to engage them for your wedding. :)

All the entries will be labelled under #Wedding Vendors and I will blog about them in separate entries and also tag my older entries where I blogged about other vendors.

First up, my makeup artist! She's the angel that made me looked so much more beautiful that I can ever dream of during our wedding weekend on 28 & 29 September 2013.

Her name is Sam Khor and she's from Penang! She's super super good and I highly recommend her for any bride-to-be. If you want to hire her for a wedding shoot or your actual wedding days in Singapore, you have to pay for her airticket & accommodation on top of the charges for her services which are actually quite reasonable because she charges in Malaysian ringgit.

Her prices are actually on par with many top makeup artist in Singapore but cheaper because of the exchange rate when you convert into Singapore dollars. Whatever she charges, you just divide by 2.5 into Singapore dollars! Of cos you still have to add in the airtickets and accommodation charges but it's worth it!!

I flew her in on AirAsia with additional luggage allowance for her makeup stuff and put her up in Holiday Inn Express for 3 nights.

Sam was my best friend Tabitha's makeup artist when she had her wedding in Penang in January this year. I trust her skills so much before I even met her because if anyone can please Tabby, she's good enough for me! I only had my makeup trial the day before my wedding to try out the hairstyles and also for her to ascertain what is my skin tone so Sam only need to bring products that suit me and not the whole arsenal (which is a lot of stuff she brought over from Penang).

I learnt bridal makeup & hairstyling before (took a diploma course but did not complete it.. long story) so I know a thing or two about bridal makeup, and she is really good. I can't sing enough praises for this woman so I am just going to show you another picture of me after she worked her magic..

2nd march-in hair & makeup

If she can make my bread face, fat nose & pouffy eyes look good..... Well, I rest my case.

Not only is she crazy talented, she's also really hardworking & sweet! She is always hovering inconspicuously around me in the background to arrange my hair, touch up on my lipstick and know where the cameras are so she will not get in the way of the photographer & videographer.

In fact, some people who attended the wedding asked if the photographer, videographer & makeup artist are from the same company cos all of them worked so harmoniously together! Well, that's what happens when you get professionals who are good at what they are doing and love what they do. :)

Our wedding photographer will only be able to give us our photos in a few weeks time so I don't have any "professional pictures" of myself with makeup during the wedding days. Pictures above are taken from a camera phone. However I've seen the wedding video highlights for our church wedding and my makeup made my skin looked flawless even when it's shot in HD. :)

I found some pictures in Le Hubby's Sony camera which was taken during the bouquet toss at church where she was fussing over me. Prior to that, I've already dismissed her and told her to go and have some food, but she insisted on staying with me until I go down to the buffet area cos she wants to ensure I look my best all the time.


There are many many instances where she stayed close to me and made sure my gown is fluffed properly, hair is in place, my lipstick is not smudged, my eyelashes are properly glued on..

Honestly I was so overwhelmed by all the attention (no wonder some celebrities went crazy) that I didn't know who/what/where to focus on.. Thank God for Sam! :)

You can contact Sam via whatsapp (she replies really quickly unless she's busy with a wedding) or email, but I recommend you whatsapp her instead as she can be busy and takes longer time to reply to her emails.

Please book her early if you want her to be your makeup artist as she's really popular in Penang where she's based and she's usually booked months & months ahead. Let me know if you need an introduction. Say "Hi" for me if you really contact her! :)

Tel:  +60 12443 7727

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