Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I miss Yogurtland!

One of the thing I missed most about USA is Yogurtland!

I love going there because the staff are all so friendly (at all the different outlets that I went to). They will always greet you and say "Sample cups?" with a big smile and hand you little cup paper cups that's slightly larger than a thumb so you can try the yogurt flavours before buying them! They are not stingy and don't mind people trying as much as they want.

In the short 2 weeks when I was in LA, I must have visited Yogurtland at least.. 8 times? NOT ENOUGH, I SAY!

After trying out the flavours, you can take a cup and dispense the yogurt before going to the counter to add in your toppings and pay for them.

It's only 35cents per ounce. That's freaking cheap compared to Singapore's self-served yogurt shops! The most expensive cup I paid was USD6.50 and it's almost full with lots of cherries in it!!!!!!! They also have coupons and discount codes that you can use which makes the yogurt even cheaper than it already is! If I live there... I'll eat it twice a day. Like seriously!!!! 

I don't know why I am so crazy over frozen yogurt.. especially those self-serve ones.

Previously when I had to move out from my Boon Keng flat and find another place to rent, I chose Serangoon for 1 reason... and the reason is because that house I rented is just 3mins walk from Nex Mall... and there's a Sogurt in Nex Mall!

Kua kua kua right? ヘ(゜◇、゜)ノ

But seriously I am not kidding... I really chose a place to live in because there's a self-serve frozen yogurt shop nearby. Siao right? I ate so much yogurt and went to the shop so often that at one point I had 6 completely filled loyalty cards with the little heart chops. 1 chop = $5.. so you can imagine how much I spent there. One of the staff even called me their lifetime member! -_- Well, I got over the Sogurt craze because they kept changing their recipe for the yogurt and it's getting sweeter and sweeter - which means there's more sugar content and it's not healthy at all.

Ok.. back to Yogurtland! One outlet that I went to had cookie dividers in a shelf!! *spot kittychan!* What is a cookie divider? Well, if you are anal about your yogurt flavours mixing together, you can slot one of these in the middle to divide the yogurt. Ingenious idea!

I didn't get that cos I am not a cookie fan.. and I don't mind my yogurt touching each other cos I eat so fast that they hardly melt before I finish it. Heh heh!

They have so many toppings for you to choose and the best part was all of them are super fresh! No soggy fruits that was left out in the open for too long (bacteria!!) and the bestest best part was they all have Ghiradelli sauces!! Caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate!! NOM NOM NOM!!!

My 3 favourite flavours out of the many many that I tried are:
  1. Pistachio
  2. Birthday cupcake batter
  3. Red velvet cupcake batter

You can see all the available flavours on their website:

Nice tables & chairs to chill in.. The stores are also super clean & bright!

All cups had different messages. My favourite one is "Real yogurt from real cows".

My sister is so lucky that she has 4 months left to binge on Yogurtland before she comes back to Singapore.. I WANT A CUP NOW!!!! o(╥﹏╥)o

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